Fleece Coneflower: Free Pattern and Tutorial

I do love flowers, and coneflowers are one of my favorites. I have had this magazine page pinned to my bulletin board for some time now, and this was my inspiration for this new fleece coneflower pattern.

Who would have thought that FLEECE would be a great medium for making flowers?  Well, it is!
This fleece coneflower is so quick and easy to make you can have a bouquet made up in no time at all.

Materials & Items Needed

fleece coneflower instructions

  • First, plug in your glue gun so it will be ready when you need it.
  • Cut out 8 pedals. *Make sure to lay the pattern out on the stretch of the fabric, as indicated on the pattern. You can use a couple of different shades if you like.
  • Stretch the petals.  This will make them curl up slightly
  • Do this to all 8 petals. (The top of the petal will be curled up edge)
  • Double thread your needle with a knot at the end.  With the curled edges up, fold the petal in half lengthwise, and stitch to secure in place.
  • Join two petals together, with the tops facing up (curled edge).  Alternate colors if you are using more than one color.  Stitch back and forth a few times to secure.
  • Continue stitching petals together until you have joined all eight.
  • Turn flower over and join the first petal to the last.  Stitch around one more time catching the back of each petal.  Pull tight and knot.  Cut your thread.


Coneflower Center

  • Using the flower center pattern piece, cut out one center using the color of your choice.  You can use felt or fleece.
  • Using a simple basting stitch, sew around the outer edge, about 3/8 inch inside the outer edge.
  • Poke the needle to the outside and pull slightly to gather in edges.  Fill with stuffing, or I just like to use little pieces of scrap felt.  It works great.
  • Pull the thread tight to gather in the edges.  Use a pencil or some other device to poke the raw edges to the inside of the ball.  Pull the thread and tuck, keep doing this until you have worked all the edges inside.


  • Stitch back and forth to secure in place.  Don’t worry too much what your stitches look like, as they will not be seen.  Knot and cut thread.


  • Dab a little bit of hot glue to the back of your flower center and press firmly onto the front center of your flower.

Making the Stem

  • To make a cute stem, simply paint a bamboo skewer green and cut out a felt leaf.  Using the glue gun, add a dab of glue to the bottom 2 inches of the leaf.  Place the stem on top.


  • Add just a little more glue and fold the edges over.

Tadah!  Wasn’t that easy and fun.

Send me a note if you have any questions or concerns while sewing these up.

felt flower wrist corsage
Learn how to make a wrist corsage here.
I have designed a fun pattern with 5 other types of flowers using felt and fleece.  You can check it out in my etsy shop.


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Paper Heart Garlands: Made From Recycled Magazines

Looking for a fun Valentine craft? These paper heart garlands are easy to make and only require a few supplies. Best of all, this is a project where you can recycle. (I love re-purposing items). You can create such unique items when recycling, and these paper hearts are just that, one of a kind!

I am going to show you how to make two kinds of paper hearts: a simple single heart and a double heart. You can use both types of hearts to create a vertical and horizontal garland.

You can watch the video tutorial HERE!

Play Video

Paper Heart Garland Items & Materials

  • magazine pages cut int strips 3/4 inches (2 cm)
  • paper punch (small 1/4 preferably)
  • stapler
  • jute or ribbon to hang hearts
  • paper cutter or rotary cutter
  • 1/2 sheet card stock paper (cut into 3/4 inch x 1 1/4 inches) 2 cm x 3 cm

Heart Garland Instructions

cut magazine pages into strips 3/4 inches wide

To make a single heart: cut a bunch of strips 4 inches long. (You’ll need two strips for each heart)

To make a double heart: cut a bunch of strips 4 inches AND some strips 6 inches. (You’ll need 2 short strips and 2 long strips)

cut card stock into tabs measuring 3/4 inches x 1 1/4 inches.

Punch a hole at the top as indicated in photo above.

Single heart

Cut a strip of ribbon or jute and make a loop for hanging the heart.

Place the jute between two short strips, lining up edges. Staple in place. (Make sure to catch the ribbon)

Open up the strips and fold back.

Line up strip ends and staple in place. This will form a heart. You can hang a single heart or make a vertical heart garland.

If adding more hearts below, place another strip on one side of the bottom of the heart another on the other side.

Line up paper ends and staple in place. Fold the ends down and staple again to form another heart.

Continue this process until you have a garland your desired length.

Continue this process until you have a garland your desired length.

Double heart

To make a double heart, you’ll need 2 long and two short strips, and one card stock tab for each heart.

Place the strips in the order as indicated in photo. (short, long, tab, long, short)

Align the bottom of the strips and tab and staple about 1/4 inch from the bottom

(Make sure ends are lined up evenly).

Open up the strips and fold over, so all ends meet at the bottom to form a heart.

Staple in place.

If adding more heart underneath, add strips as indicated in photo above.

To make a horizontal garland:

Simply string jute or ribbon through the hole you stapled in the tab. Add as many hearts as you want. Make a loop on both ends to hang the garland. 

I hope you have as much fun making these paper heart garlands as I do.

Here are some other Valentine crafting projects to check out:


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Heart Lollipops: Made with Upcycled Sweaters & Felt

Here it is almost Valentine’s Day, and that means craft time to me. I am always looking for new things to make using my favorite felted wool sweater scraps, and these heart lollipops are the cutest!

It’s a quick little project that you can whip up in no time at all. Trust me, you won’t be able to make just one. 

Of course, you can make these hearts with regular felt, but a felted wool sweater just adds so much character and texture. (I hope you’ve been saving all your felted wool sweater scraps)! They really do come in handy for a lot of things. 

What do you do with heart lollipops?

You can’t eat them, but you can:

  • Stick them in a potted plant to decorate your home
  • Embellish a valentine gift wrapping
  • Place one in a plant that you are giving as a gift
  • Put a bundle of them in a small vase and give as a gift.
  • Leave the stick off, and add a loop to hang the heart on a doorknob or wall.

What you’ll need:

The pattern downloaded, printed and cut out. GET THE PATTERN HERE.

  • fabric scissors
  • embroidery needle and embroidery floss ( about a yard and a half for one heart)
  • felt or felted wool sweater (one that won’t fray)
  • Bamboo skewers, or sucker sticks
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • fiber fill stuffing


Watch the VIDEO TUTORIAL at the end of the post

Cut out 2 hearts.

Thread the needle with 3 strands of embroidery floss. (Embroidery floss usually comes in a skein of 6 strands) I like to split it into half, making it not so bulky.

Knot the end of the thread and take a stitch right at the point, with the knot sandwiched in middle so it doesn’t’ show.

Sew around the heart using a BLANKET STITCH.  If you are not familiar with this stitch, you can watch a tutorial here.

Stop about an inch from where you started. 

Add a little stuffing to puff it up a bit, but not too much!

Add a little dollop of hot glue to one end of the stick and poke it inside the heart, and inside of the stuffing.

Continue sewing until you come to the bottom point of the heart. Wrap the needle around the stick and take another small stitch to knot the end. 

Insert the needle back into the fabric right on top of a previous stitch and pull the needle out in the middle of the heart. 

Clip the thread.

You can place it in a small cellophane bag and tie a bow around it, or leave unwrapped.

Another way to make the heart is to leave the stick out and add a loop for hanging. 

If you choose to sew them up this way, start sewing at the top notch of the heart instead of the bottom of the heart.

Make a loop with a piece of jute or ribbon and make a knot at the end. Insert that into the heart before you stitch the opening up.

Be sure to check these posts for some other Valentine’s ideas.

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