How to Make a Sweet Smelling Clementine Wreath

clementine wreath

This little clementine skin wreath is very easy to make, AND you’ll get a little Christmas aromatherapy while making it.

Oh baby, these little wreaths smell so yummy and their bright orange color will add a pop of color to your tree, tied to a package, or hung in your window.

clementine wreath

Clementine Wreath Materials & Supplies Needed

  • clementine or tangerines
  • cake decorating tip (doesn’t’ matter what size)
  • 20-26 gauge wire (about 10 inches long)
  • wire cutters
  • ribbon, jute or yarn for an optional bow or tie
clementine wreath

Clementine Wreath Instructions


Peel the clementine. Try to get big pieces of skin without tears/

clementine wreath


clemintine wreath

Take the cake decorating tip and place the big opening on top of the inside of the clementine peel.

Press down like you are using a cookie cutter to cut dough. You can press out several at a time. 

clementine wreath

Then take a piece of wire and poke out the circles you just cut.

Repeat until you have enough for a wreath.

It will take about 2 clementines for a 3 inch wreath.


Take the wire and start adding the clementine circles, poking the wire in the center of the circle.

Continue adding circles until you have enough for the size you want to make.

clementine wreath


Bring the wire together at the top of the wreath and twist to close the circle. Take the wire cutters (DONT USE SCISSORS), clip off the excess wire.


You can leave them plain or tie a ribbon or jute to the wreath for hanging.

This little craft is great for the kids.

They’ll remember and associate crafts, Christmas and the aroma of clementine with fond memories.





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