DIY Valentine Paint Chip Bookmark / Kid Friendly Craft

diy valentine's paint chip bookmarks

I have always loved the paint chip sample displays at the hardware stores. All the different shades of color printed on paper just make me happy.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can take these little gems of colorful paper and make a fun Valentine bookmark. This is a very simple and quick craft that is kid-friendly and something unique that you can give as a valentine.

paint chip bookmark supplies

Paint Chip Bookmark Materials & Items Needed

You can get paint chips at all stores that sell paint (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.). Look for paint chips that have the least printed text on them. (You’ll be cutting that part off).

Paint Chip Bookmark Instructions

  • Cut off any text or already punched boxes like in the photo above.

paint chip bookmark

I like to use a paper cutter so I get straight even cuts. You could easily use scissors or even a rotary cutter and ruler.paper cutter paint chip bookmark

I love this paper cutter. It’s compact and works really well!

  • If you want to round out the corners, use a corner punch.
  • Punch a hole along the top middle part of the bookmark to thread a ribbon into. Fold the cut ribbon in half and stick the folded edge into the hole from the front to back.

  • Leave a little loop and thread the cut ends of the ribbon into the loop. Pull to tighten the knot.

  • You can leave the paint chip book mark as is, or you can punch some fun hearts into the bookmark. I have this heart punch set that has three different sizes in it. I use these often for cards and other crafts.

    paint chip bookmark heartsIf you want to write a little note on the backside of the paint chip you can do that.

paint chip bookmark green

That was pretty simple, right? What a fun way to re-purpose these colorful paint chips!




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Tissue Paper Blossoms | Quick & Simple Craft

tissue paper cherry blossoms

These DIY tissue paper blossoms are the cutest thing ever! It’s a quick & simple craft project that even the little ones can help make.

Bring a splash of spring color into your home or office with these beautiful little tissue paper blossoms.



  • Tissue paper (Shades of pink or white)
  • Paper scissors
  • Hot glue gun/craft glue
  • Thin branches
  • Pruners
  • Vase or jar to put them in


You can use all shades of pink or white sheets of tissue paper.

Go out into your yard and cut 5-6 small, thin branches. If you don’t have bushes or trees in your yard, ask your neighbor if they have a few branches to spare. (Most likely they’d love for you to prune their fruit trees or bushes).


Cut tissue paper into 2 inch/5cm strips.

Fold the strip in half horizontally and cut small scallops about every inch/2.5 cm. Cut about ¾ of the way down the paper.

Open the strip up and cut to separate every 5 or so blossoms.

Before separating sheets of paper, curl the petals. To curl the petals, use a closed pair of scissors, just like you would to curl gift wrapping ribbon.

Take one of the petal sheets and start rolling and gathering the bottom of the paper.

When finished, twist the bottom of the blossom tightly.

Set aside and repeat the process as many times until you have as many blossoms as you would like.


Using a glue gun, apply a dab of glue onto the branch where you would like a blossom and firmly place a blossom to the glue.

That’s it! When you have 5-6 branches ready, place them in a canning jar or vase.

Place them on your countertop, kitchen table, or office desk. Enjoy a little spring color in your home or office.

I love these tissue paper blossoms and I hope you do too.




DIY Recycled Magazine Christmas Tree

DIY magazine Christmas tree

If you want a simple, relaxing Christmas craft to make this holiday season, this DIY Recycled Magazine Christmas tree is a fun little project that even the kiddos can make.

I love the simplistic look of this tress. The variety of colors and text you get from the magazine pages add so much charm to your home and just make me smile. I also like the fact of recycling materials.

Magazine Christmas Tree Items & Materials Needed

Another plus for this project is you don’t need a lot of supplies and materials.

  • Magazines of all sizes can be used (my favorite size is the Reader’s Digest, and Prevention Magazine) It’s nice to have a variety of sizes sitting by each other.
  • Tinsel Pipe Cleanser (optional for star)

That’s it!

Play Video

Magazine Christmas Tree Instructions

Start with the first page of the magazine. Fold the top edge of the page over to line up with the binding edge. Make a crease with your fingers and fold the creased edge over again to line up with the binding edge.

Flip the folded page over to the left side. Take the pointed part of the page over so it lines up with the bottom of the magazine.

Gently push on the fold, which will pop the folded page open so you can stuff the pointed edge inside.

Go to the next page and repeat this process until you have folded all pages. Depending on how big the magazine issue is, it will take approximately 30 minutes to an hour.


This is a great little project to do while watching a good movie!

Most children can handle this project and will enjoy the process. It’s quite relaxing actually.

Once you have folded all the pages, REMOVE THE FRONT AND BACK COVER.     

Evenly space out the pages. Sometimes you will need to glue the front pages to the back page.

How to make a pipe cleaner star for the magazine Christmas tree

Fold the end of the pipe cleaner 1 inch from the end.

Fold it at 2 inches, and then four more times that size. (You should have 5 2-inch folds)

At the second fold, flip the ends to the left, then at the next fold, flip it to the right. Tuck the flipped section either under or over the wire you are crossing. 

Flip the next fold over to the left and under or over the wire.

Adjust the star points and twist the ends together at the bend to form a complete star.

These little starts can be placed at the top of the magazine tree by sticking the ends into the middle of all the points of the folded magazine.

Make more stars to hang on the tree or as you can see in the picture above, I have hung it on an ivy wreath.

Simple projects are the best. 

Grab a magazine, turn on a good movie, and cozy in and make a magazine Christmas tree!


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How to make a Christmas Stocking

How to make an orange pomander





How to Make Parchment Paper Treat Bags: Sewing Method

When it comes to giving treats, these little parchment paper treat bags are a fun, unique way to package goodies. They are simple to make and require items I’m sure you already have in your kitchen and craft box.

Parchment Paper Treat Bags Items Needed

  • Parchment paper (can be purchased on rolls or sheets)
  • paper scissors
  • rotary cutter & mat (optional)
  • stapler
  • sewing machine (could be stitched by hand)
  • ruler
  • ribbon, note cards, jute (optional for embellishments)

You may be wondering why I don’t have any glue listed on my list. I have tried gluing parchment paper and it JUST DOESN’T WORK!  After it dries, it comes apart. So I have come to the sewing method and it works like a charm. You know me, I like sewing paper!

You can also just use already assembled bags. I like these brown ones.

Watch the video tutorial below

Play Video


1-  Decide how big you want your bags to be.

Suggested sizes: Large, Medium, Small


CUT PAPER: 12 1/2 X 8 1/2 INCHES





2-  Cut parchment paper to size.

I like using a rotary cutter because of the marked grid lines on the mat. However, you can use a pair of scissors and ruler.

3-  Line up short ends of paper (without creasing) and sew down the edge.

USE WHITE THREAD! The photo shows black only to emphasize the seam contrast.

4-  Open up the bag and eyeball the seam in the middle. 

Use your fingers to crease the outer edges of the bag. Fold seam and crease as well.

5-  Fold up bottom edge 1/2-3/4 inches and crease.

6-  Take the scissors and cut the outer corner of the folded paper.

Start at the fold crease. Do this for both sides. ( This is just to reduce bulk but not necessary). You can skip this step if you want.

7-  Cut away just the inner paper on fold line.

8-  Sew the bottom flap using the sewing machine. 

Get creative and use a fancy stitch if you want. There are a lot of options. Change thread colors to make the stitching pop.

9-  Now repeat steps 5-7 for the top flap.

10-Fill your bags with all kinds of treats.


11-Once the bag is filled, sew the flap closed.

12-Embellish with a ribbon, card, tag or whatever your creative bones can come up with.

Such a fun way to give treats!

These are great for party favors, children Valentine gifts, or an addition to any gift.

You may be interested in another Valentine craft: Paper Heart Garlands

Have fun crafting my friends!