Tissue Paper Blossoms | Quick & Simple Craft

tissue paper cherry blossoms

These DIY tissue paper blossoms are the cutest thing ever! It’s a quick & simple craft project that even the little ones can help make.

Bring a splash of spring color into your home or office with these beautiful little tissue paper blossoms.



  • Tissue paper (Shades of pink or white)
  • Paper scissors
  • Hot glue gun/craft glue
  • Thin branches
  • Pruners
  • Vase or jar to put them in


You can use all shades of pink or white sheets of tissue paper.

Go out into your yard and cut 5-6 small, thin branches. If you don’t have bushes or trees in your yard, ask your neighbor if they have a few branches to spare. (Most likely they’d love for you to prune their fruit trees or bushes).


Cut tissue paper into 2 inch/5cm strips.

Fold the strip in half horizontally and cut small scallops about every inch/2.5 cm. Cut about ¾ of the way down the paper.

Open the strip up and cut to separate every 5 or so blossoms.

Before separating sheets of paper, curl the petals. To curl the petals, use a closed pair of scissors, just like you would to curl gift wrapping ribbon.

Take one of the petal sheets and start rolling and gathering the bottom of the paper.

When finished, twist the bottom of the blossom tightly.

Set aside and repeat the process as many times until you have as many blossoms as you would like.


Using a glue gun, apply a dab of glue onto the branch where you would like a blossom and firmly place a blossom to the glue.

That’s it! When you have 5-6 branches ready, place them in a canning jar or vase.

Place them on your countertop, kitchen table, or office desk. Enjoy a little spring color in your home or office.

I love these tissue paper blossoms and I hope you do too.




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