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Jan Howell

Jan Howell

Whether it’s a new recipe, a fun craft, or some handy tips for your garden and home, I hope to empower and inspire you with skills that you can use to create joy, improved health, and to do it in a simple way.

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Jan Howell

Jan Howell

My intention for this website is to share tips and tutorials that I have found on my journey of life that has brought me joy, improved health, and peace, in hopes that it will do the same for you. I hope you'll join me on this journey!

Jan Howell

Jan Howell

Whether it’s a new recipe, a fun craft, or some handy tips for your garden and home, I hope to empower and inspire you with skills that you can use to create joy, improved health, and to do it in a simple way.

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wonder under

How To Apply Wonder Under // Clear and Simple Tips & Tricks

Wonder Under is a great little product that comes in handy for many sewing and crafting projects. In this post, I’m going to show you
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fabric bag material items

How To Make a Fabric Bag // Beginner Sewing Tutorial

Oh boy do I have a fun beginner sewing project for you. I’m going to show you how to make a fabric bag. They are
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window cleaner

How To Make the Best Window Cleaner // the Non-Toxic Way

This DIY window cleaner is the best window cleaner recipe I’ve found. It’s inexpensive, gives streak-free results, and is super fast to make. If you’ve
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kam snaps

How To Apply and Use Kam Snaps the Easy Way

When you have a sewing or craft project that requires a snap, these Kam snaps are the best! They are durable, easy to apply and
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white chicken chili

Instant Pot Creamy White Chicken Chili Recipe // Simple and Delicious

This Instant Pot creamy white chicken chili recipe is simple AND delicious! It’s a yummy, comforting soup that goes with so many things. Serve it
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How To Make A Pillowcase With A Cuff // Easy Burrito Method

Making a pillowcase is a fun and simple beginner sewing project, and in this tutorial, I will show you how to add a contrasting cuff
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turkey loaf

The Best Turkey Loaf Recipe Ever // Simple To Make & Delicious

This turkey loaf recipe is the best I’ve ever tasted! I know it’s hard to get excited about meatloaf, right? The healthy ingredients in this
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stainless steel cleaner diy

Non-Toxic Stainless Steel Cleaner | Make Your Own | 3 Simple Ingredients

When it comes to stainless steel cleaners, there’s some pretty toxic stuff out there. No worries, here is a non-toxic stainless steel cleaner recipe that
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sewing with fleece

Sewing With Fleece the Easy Way | My Top 10 Tips

Sewing with fleece can be a lot of fun and there are so many things you can make with it, however, there are a few
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New DIY 2023 Printable Calendars // A Minimalist Approach to Planning

If you’re like me and still like to use a hard copy planner, these 2023 printable calendars are for you! They are super easy to
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natural toothpaste

How To Make Your Own Natural Toothpaste / Simple To Make Recipe

In this post I’m going to show you how to make your own natural toothpaste. Making your own natural toothpaste can seem a little over-the-top,
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sewing tips

My Top 10 Sewing Tips for Beginners | Know Before You Sew

If you’re new to sewing or if you want to learn some awesome sewing tips, you’re in the right place. In this post, I’m going
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cafe rio tomatillo dressing

Creamy Cafe Rio Tomatillo Dressing (Copycat Recipe)

This creamy Cafe Rio tomatillo dressing is made with tomatillos, ranch seasoning, cilantro, lime, jalapeño, mayonnaise, and buttermilk. This recipe is as close as you’re
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The Easy Way To Put On a Bracelet by Yourself // Quick Simple Hack

It can be a little challenging to put on a clasp bracelet by yourself, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve got a quick and
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tomato pin cushion

How To Make a Tomato Pin Cushion // Free Pattern

This adorable tomato pin cushion is such a fun little sewing project and a nice asset to your sewing supplies. You can make this pin
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zipper bracelets

Upcycled Zipper Bracelets | 3 Adorable DIY Styles

These upcycled zipper bracelets are unique, easy to make, and quite adorable. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make them using 3 simple
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sage butter totelloni

Delicious Tortelloni in Sage Butter Sauce Recipe

This savory tortelloni sage butter sauce recipe is so delicious and so easy to make! It’s a quick meal and who doesn’t like that on
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How To Sew on a Button | Simple Hand Sewing Method

Everyone needs to learn how to sew on a button. Most likely some time in your lifetime you’re going to have a button pop off
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morning rituals berry smoothie

How To Make a Yummy Nutritionally Packed Berry Smoothie

This berry smoothie is one of my favorite go-to breakfasts. I like it because it is quick, tastes yummy, is very nutritious and most importantly,
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gathering fabric serger

Gathering Fabric With a Serger/Overlock Machine the Easy Way

When it comes to gathering fabric, if you have a serger or overlock machine, you’re in luck because I’m going to show you how to
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crunch roll bowl

Delicious Crunch Roll Bowl Recipe With Spicy Mayo Dressing

This crunch roll bowl is a delicious combination of teriyaki browned tofu, served over a bed of rice, and topped with edamame, cucumber, avocado, and
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arm sleeve

How To Make an Arm Sleeve | Sun Protection | Upcycled Clothing

When you’re driving in the car, and you can’t find shade for your arm, this arm sleeve is the perfect solution! It’s a quick and
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fitted sheet hack

Simple Fitted Sheet Hack / How To Mark Which Direction It Goes

When it comes to making your bed, it can be so frustrating, especially when making a king-size bed, to know which direction a fitted sheet
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Simple Instant Pot Mayocoba Beans | Creamy and Delicious

These mayocoba beans are creamy, mildly seasoned and so simple to make in the instant pot. All you need are a pound of dry beans,
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watermelon sticks serving

How To Cut Watermelon Sticks // Fun Finger Foods

Summer has arrived and what a great time for a chilled and juicy watermelon. Why not try cutting and serving watermelon sticks instead of the
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black bean burger

Salsa Infused Black Bean Burgers / Yummy Meatless Recipe

These yummy black bean burgers are infused with salsa and are one of the best meatless burgers around. They’re easy to make, cost-effective, and simply
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4 minute workout

The 4 Minute Workout | Nitric Oxide Boost at Any Age | Dr. Zach Bush

Who would have thought that a 4 minute workout could do so much good for your body and soul? Well, this simple combination of movements
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herb ranch dressing

Creamy & Delicious Herb Ranch Dressing Recipe || Vegan Option

This herb ranch dressing is creamy, savory and so delicious. Yogurt combined with a zing of lemon and dill herb makes this dressing almost drinkable.
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How To Pick the Best Elastic for Your Sewing Projects

There are a lot of types of sewing elastic out there and knowing how to pick the best elastic for your sewing projects will affect
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How To Grow Comfrey and Use It Safely // A Must in Everyone’s Garden

Growing comfrey in your garden can offer a wide variety of uses and benefits and it’s an herb that I think everyone needs to have
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roasted veggie orzo salad

Roasted Veggie Orzo Salad Recipe | Simply Delicious

Oh, baby, this warm roasted veggie orzo salad is packed with nutrition and flavor and is super easy to make. The creamy dressing combined with
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the perfect pom pom

The Perfect Pom Pom Tutorial // 2 Simple Methods // 3 Sizes

In this craft tutorial, I show you how to make the perfect yarn pom pom. Oh, there are so many fun things you can do
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gluten-free carrot cake

The Best Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Recipe // Simply Delicious

If you’re looking for a delicious gluten-free carrot cake recipe, this is the bomb! I think it’s better than my wheat flour recipe!!! It’s moist,
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meal planning frustration

Simple Meal Planning Tips – How To Take the Stress Out of Dinnertime

Take the stress out of dinnertime by having a PLAN. Meal planning will not only save your sanity but it will also: Save You Money
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diy shoelaces

How To Make Adorable DIY Shoelaces With Fabric and Recycled T-Shirts

Put a little style in your sneakers with some adorable DIY shoelaces. Finding a set of shoelaces to purchase that are colorful and unique just
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top 4 transfer papers

Top 4 Heat Transfer Papers for Making Custom Labels

When it comes to making your own custom labels, knowing what kind of heat transfer papers are the best to use, is good to know.
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ground beef Philly cheesesteak

Ground Beef Philly Cheesesteak | Quick and Easy Sandwich Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good Philly cheesesteak sandwich? This ground beef Philly version is the bomb! It’s a one-pan recipe and so delicious! There are
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chalkboard and magnetic board cover

How To Make Your Own Chalkboard and Magnetic Board for Your Kitchen

Several years ago I added a chalkboard and magnetic board to one of my kitchen walls. Even though it has been several years since we
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how to fold fitted sheet JAN

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet the Easy Way | Simple Hack

Knowing how to fold a fitted sheet in a way that looks nice and is easy to do can be a little frustrating. I’ve tried
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Upcycling Is Hip | 5 Innovative Ways To Recycle Items Around Your House

For those of you who follow me know that I love Upcycling! For some reason, I get a thrill out of taking something that is
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heart gift tags

How To Make Charming Heart Gift Tags With Upcycled Sweater Scraps

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make these charming heart gift tags using
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scarves main image

5 Simple Ways To Organize Your Scarves | Dollar Tree Hacks

If you’re like me and have a collection of scarves, knowing how to organize and store them can be a bit challenging. In this tutorial,
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paint chip bookmarks

DIY Valentine Paint Chip Bookmark / Kid Friendly Craft

I have always loved the paint chip sample displays at the hardware stores. All the different shades of color printed on paper just make me
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heart branches

DIY Valentine Heart Branches / Love Grows on Trees / Easy Craft Tutorial

Looking for a quick and easy Valentine craft? These heart branches are the most charming holiday decoration and are a great way to add a
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rotary cutting

A Beginners Guide to Rotary Cutting / Helpful Tips and Tricks

When it comes to sewing and crafting, rotary cutting makes the task on hand so much easier and quicker. Here are some helpful tips and
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How To Make a Fleece Neck Warmer | Free Pattern

When it comes to cold weather, you gotta have something to keep your neck warm. This fleece neck warmer is the BEST, and it’s very
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gingerbread cookies photo

The Best Gingerbread Cookies Recipe / Simply Delicious

These gingerbread cookies are simply delicious. The ginger flavor is not overbearing, they are not too sweet and the texture is a joy to bite
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mini Christmas wreath

Easy DIY Mini Wreath | Made From Upcycled Sweaters

I hope you’ve been saving your felted wool sweater scraps! This adorable mini wreath is so fun and easy to make. It’s a project that
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DIY 2022 Printable Calendars | Planning at Its Best

2022 is just around the corner. Are you Calendar ready? If you are ‘old school’ like me and enjoy having a hard copy calendar, something
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organize your fabric cover

How To Fold, Store, and Organize Your Fabric

When it comes to how to fold, store and organize your fabric, there are many ways you can do it. It just depends on your
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