DIY Felt Flowers Flowers – No Sew Craft Project

There are so many cute flowers you can make from felt and in this DIY tutorial I am going to show you how easy it is to make some felt flowers. This is a NO SEW craft project and something you can make in no time at all.

There are so many possibilities when working with felt. You can also use FLEECE to make these flowers. Of course, you can use whatever colors you want to make these darling little mums, I LOVE YELLOW!

I am going to show you how to make two varieties of felt flowers, a tight short blossom and a spider mum, or dandilion (longer floppy petals).

You can add a stem and leaves to the flowers, or attach a broach pin and apply it your clothing, handbag, hat or even a headband.


1-  Plug in your hot glue gun.

2-  Using a water bottle lid or the circle pattern from PDF, trace around it and cut out one for every flower you are making onto the green felt. I like to use a disappearing ink sewing marker or you can just use a pencil or chalk pen. Cut out circles and set aside.

3-  Cut out leaves out of green felt (optional)

4-  Get the felt you are using for the flower petals and cut a strip of felt 1 x 10 inches.

5-  You are going to be folding this strip in half lengthwise and gluing it together.

Apply a string of glue along the long edge of felt. Fold felt in half with the glue in the middle and edges lined up. Press in place.

Take your scissors and cut little snips 1/8 inches apart. LEAVE ¼ INCH UNCUT along the edge. Do this the whole length of the strip.

6-  Apply a little dab of glue to the uncut edge.

Start rolling the felt strip onto itself, cinnamon roll style. Apply a little dab of glue, then roll, following this process until you’ve rolled the whole strip. (Keep edge even and be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue).

7-  Now you need to fill the hollow underside of blossom with either a wad of stuffing or I just use little felt scraps from the green felt circles that you just cut.

Apply hot glue to the hollow and stuff the wad of felt into it to fill. (No worries, you will be covering this up with the felt circle).

8-  Take the floral wire and cut it to the desired length.

9-  Using the needle nose pliers, wrap the end of the wire around the tip of the pliers to form a little spiral circle. Bend the circle over to make it flat.

10- Apply a dab of hot glue to the wad of felt on the underside of the blossom. (In the center)

Stick the end of the stem onto the dab of glue and hold until it adheres.

11- Take the green circle you cut out and fold it in half.

Clip a tiny slit into the center. Feed the end of the floral wire into the circle and pull it up the stem halfway.

Apply some hot glue onto the top of the circle and slide it up to the underside of the flower. Center the circle over the wad of felt and secure in place. Add more glue along the edge if needed.

12- If you want to add a leaf or two, cut out the desired leaf style.

(Leaf tutorial will be available soon). If you want the leaf to have more structure and bendable, apply paddle wire or stem wire to the underside of leaf using the hot glue.

13- Decide where you want the leaf to be on the stem. Using the floral wire, start to wrap around the stems of leaf and flower to hold them together. Wrap down a ways and add another leaf if you want, or just wrap floral tape the whole length of stem and rip off when at the end.

Place the flowers in a cute tall skinny jar. I like these recycled olive jars.


1- Cut out a strip of felt 1 ¼ inch x 18 inches. (To make smaller flowers, just roll until you get the blossom the size you want and cut it there)

Instead of folding the strip lengthwise, fold it in half crosswise. Cut little slits leaving ¼ inch UNCUT. Slits can be cut bigger if you want the flower petals to be wider. Cut the whole length of strip.

Unfold, and you should have long petals instead of looped petals.

Roll and glue just as described above, until you’ve rolled the size of blossom you want. Cut if you want it smaller than the whole length.

2-  Apply the stem as described above.


1-  Using the glue gun, simply glue a broach pin to the underside of blossom instead of a stem.

These felt mums make cute additions to any floral arrangements. Look how cute this mum is looks in the wristlet corsage we made for my sons prom date.

You can get the whole FELT FLOWER SET pattern here.


Play Video

Like I said, the possibilities are endless. Have fun using your creative bones to make some felt or fleece flowers.

I would love for you to share what you make. Post your photos on Instagram and tag them #fibersandtwigs

Have fun creating.




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