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Here are some great exercises to strengthen and stretch your feet. You can prevent and relieve plantar fasciitis, bunions, weak arches, and even knee, hip & back pain by strengthening and stretching your feet.

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Our feet are complex, multi-functional parts of our body that have many nerve endings, muscle groups, and connective tissue. Did you know there are 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments in our feet? Crazy hugh?

The feet are intricately connected to the rest of our bodies in ways we don’t realize.

Because our feet are the furthest thing from our brain, we often forget about them and neglect them. (However, we quickly give our feet awareness when something goes wrong with them, don’t we)?

What Happens If We Don’t Take Care of our Feet

Conditions like flat feet, hammertoe, plantar fasciitis, and more can cause a lot of pain. This pain can get carried all the way up the body, to the knees, the hips, to the spine, and to the neck. All this misalignment can cause the body to do some pretty intense overcompensation, causing you to walk, sit, and stand in unhealthy ways that may only make the condition worse.

In order to avoid allowing our foot problems to dictate the health of the rest of our body, it’s so important to for us to take care of our feet! When we take care of our them, the rest of our bodies will thank us!


These exercises are great for anyone who has FEET!

This video is a 35-minute class that will strengthen, stretch and even help with the coordination of your feet.

You’ll need

  • a chair
  • yoga block, access to a step or stairs
  • yoga blanket (optional)
  • a dishcloth or small piece of fabric.

Check out the props and equipment I use. 

Take off your shoes and socks and give your feet some lovin!

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Have a fabulous week my friends!




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