Tension Release For Neck and Shoulders – No Massage Therapist Required!

tension release

You know it well: the tightness, the dull ache, hunched up shoulders, decreased mobility in your neck. I am going to show you an EASY and SIMPLE hands on technique for neck and shoulder tension release that works fast! There is no massage therapist required!

So often, tension takes hold in our neck and shoulders long before we even know it. It’s not until we have pain, stiffness and impaired mobility that we pay attention and try to do something about it. Being aware of what you are doing and where the tension is actually coming from, is one of the first steps in stopping this vicious cycle.

Using this tension release technique will

  • wring out tension
  • increase mobility
  • replenish stiff muscles with oxygen, rich blood
  • make you feel ahhh-mazing in five minutes flat!
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1-  The first thing to do is to check your neck and shoulders.

You may not even be aware that you have any tension going on in your neck and shoulders. Take your hand and place it on the opposite shoulder. Grab and squeeze the muscles in your neck and shoulders. Do you feel any hard tissue that feels like rocks? Do you feel tenderness in certain areas? If so, you have accumulated stress and tension in these areas.

2-  Self massage

Now that you are AWARE of some tension, let’s get rid of it. Take your hand and squeeze the skin and muscles. Those places that are more tight, hold the squeeze for several seconds. You will feel the tension slowly melt and dissolve. Take your fingers and poke the muscles. Press the fingertips into the tight places. KEEP BREATHING! Do this all around the shoulder area. Behind the head and neck area. You may find some tight and tender places in front of the shoulder and under the collarbone. Explore and massage.

3- Check In

After massaging one side, check in. Look in the mirror to see if one shoulder is lower than the other. If so, you have done a good job. Amazing isn’t it? Massage both sides. You may find one side is more tight than the other. This is very common.

4-  Drink a big glass of water

After any kind of bodywork and massage, it is a good idea drink water. The kidneys could use some water to help flush all the toxins that you just released into the blood stream.

5-  enjoy a relaxed neck, and stress free shoulders!

Now wasn’t that simple.

Take note of how you are feeling and do tension release technique regularly!

If you are ready to let go of chronic neck and shoulder tension, and increase mobility, than this stuff is for YOU!


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