Rebounding: The Benefits, The How and The Why

The benefits of rebounding! The best exercise ever!

At this time I want to bring to your attention a form of movement that you may not have heard about or considered something of real value, REBOUNDING. Who would have thought that bouncing on a little trampoline could do anything for you? Well, I am here to tell you, by experience, that it can! I want to share with you the benefits of rebounding, the how, and the why.

If you were to ask me what I thought the most important thing you could do to promote and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit would be……….. MOVEMENT would be at the very top of the list. I am talking about PHYSICAL MOVEMENT, moving the body in some way or another. I have already shared in detail the importance of movement in THIS POST.

One of my favorite authors and mentors wrote a book many years ago (1982) called Looking and Feeling Great.

Now I will admit I most likely would not have picked up this book to read if I was not already familiar with the author, Karol K. Truman, who wrote Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. This book has literally changed my life and the lives of many.

I bought this book hoping it would have some great ideas on how to exercise without causing more joint pain and inflammation than I was already experiencing. The information I found in this book was very timely and it rang true to my heart.

Another one of my mentors and teachers is David Christopher who also recommends rebounding and speaks of it frequently on his popular radio show, A Healthier You.

If Karol Truman and David Christopher endorsed it then I was willing to give it a whirl. I was so excited to find something so effective and so SIMPLE.


Rebounding provides benefits to nearly every body system, from increased flexibility and skin tone to decreased stress. Its up-and-down movement improves circulation and lymphatic flow and gently massages the internal organs for whole-body health.

  • Weight Loss
  • Strengthen & Tone Muscle
  • Healthy Joints & Bones
  • Balance & Agility
  • Improved Circulation
  • Stress Management
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Increased Endurance
  • Decreased Fat & Cellulite
  • Toxin Elimination
  • Boost Immune Health
  • Reduced Back Pain
  • Heart Health
  • Firm Sagging Skin
  • Massages Internal Organs
  • Stimulate the Lymphatic System
  • Digestion & Elimination

In my research, one of the things that intrigued me the most was that jumping on the mini-tramp for 10 minutes equals running for 30 minutes for a cardiovascular workout. That is quite amazing!  I think a lot of us have it in our heads that in order to be in the top physical shape we have to RUN marathons to achieve it. Rebounding is so much easier on the joints than running and can get the same results in less time. Here is a post with more details about rebounding vs. running that I found quite fascinating.

I love how rebounding helps the lymphatic system and detoxification pathways to work better. By working against constant gravitational pressure while bouncing, you resist Earth’s pull. The resistance is subtle, but it builds cellular strength. The alternating weightlessness and double gravity of rebounding produce a pumping action that pulls out waste products from the cells and forces into them oxygen and nutrition from the bloodstream.


Karol Truman has a great analogy in her book about this.

“Picture a sponge. Suppose that sponge is full of dirty water. When you squeeze the sponge you flush the dirty water out. Then you put the sponge in fresh, clean water and allow it to soak in.

Rebounding allows gravity forces to squeeze bacteria and toxins out of the cells, and to be flushed out by normal bodily processes, just as the dirty water was squeezed out of the sponge.”

One thing that I really notice is the gentle detox I get when I rebound. I have to be really careful detoxing. Even massage sometimes can put my body into a major detox and I can feel quite yucky afterward, but rebounding does not have that effect. When I rebound I can feel all the yucky stuff that is stuck in my body break free and move out when I bounce. After I bounce in the morning, I feel so refreshed and renewed throughout my whole body. Even my face and head feel more clear. If I happen to miss a day, I can sure tell.

For those of you who do not feel as stable and are concerned about being able to even stand on a mini-tramp, they offer a balance bar that can be attached to the rebounder. This is a great option for the elderly and even young children.


Here is a quick and informative video clip from David Hall explaining how it all works.

So how do you get started?

Find yourself a rebounder.

There are a lot of rebounders on the market and they are all not equally made. Choosing a good rebounder is very important. Inexpensive, poorly made products may result in injury and not give you the results that you are wanting.

Here are a few links to sites that I found helpful.

I know it may seem crazy to spend $300 – $500 dollars on a device to jump up and down on. If you think about all that it can do for you and how much healthier you will be in the long run, it is NOTHING! Think about all the money you will save on doctor bills and fitness memberships. So sell your treadmills and elliptical units and buy a simple rebounder.

Check your local online classified ads or who knows, you may get lucky at a garage or yard sale.

It was about five years ago when I purchased my rebounder. I was so excited to get started. I will admit I was tempted to just go to Walmart and buy a cheap mini-tramp thinking it would be ok and then buy a nice one a little later. After looking into things I am so glad I got a good one to start with.

I was lucky, I found one on, local online classifieds. I drove  50 miles to Salt Lake City to pick it up. I think I got it for only $75.00.

I have a Needak and love it. If money was not an issue and I had higher ceilings in my house, I wouldn’t mind trying the Bellicon. Needak and Cellerciser both have models that fold up for easy storage and even ones that fit in a carrying case. Amazon has a Half fold Cellerciser kit that comes with Karol Truman’s book a carrying case and a few other things at a good price.

Where do you store this baby?

IMPORTANT! Wherever you store your rebounder, make it a place that is easy to access. If it is a big deal to get it out every morning, you will not use it. It needs to be somewhere easily accessible. I used to flip my rebounder on its side and roll it in the guest closet, but now that my bed is high enough I just slide it under the bed. Another good place to store your rebounder is the master closet flipped on its side. They do offer the folding model that would make it not so bulky to store.

How often should you rebound?

  • Start out slow, especially if it has been a while since you have exercised. 1-2 minutes, 2 x day until you can work up to 10- 15 minutes.
  • It is recommended to work up to 10-30minutes a day. This can be split up into different increments. If you don’t have time for a full 30 minutes, 2 minutes is better than nothing.

Make rebounding part of your morning ritual. My morning ritual goes something like this.

  1. First thing in the morning I get my quart jar of lemon water, drink about half of it and save the rest for after rebounding.
  2. Then I set my phone on Pandora, get some good tunes going and start bouncing. (Sometimes I set my timer for 10-15 minutes because I lose track of time).
  3. After bouncing I go to my yoga mat and do a few of my favorite yoga poses, some stretching, a little more toning or facial release foam rolling, or whatever my body is needing and wants.
  4. I then wind things down with some kind of meditation, something to ground me before I begin the day.
  5. I then skin brush and do affirmations before I hop into the shower.


Why should you rebound?

  • More than twice as effective as running without the extra stress on the ankles and knees.
  • Only need one piece of equipment
  • Can do it in your own home, office, or living room and in any kind of weather.
  • Only takes 15 minutes a day to see fabulous results.
  • Affects the whole body system.
  • Improves mental clarity.
  • Easy and FUN!

If you are wanting to improve your health in all areas, I highly recommend you try this simple form of exercise. Exercise and good health do NOT have to be difficult!

Get bouncing!

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