How To Mend a Hole in a T-Shirt the Easy Way

mend a hole in t-shirt

Got a hole in your favorite t-shirt but not a fan of sewing? No problem! This little hack is quick, simple and works like a charm!

I used to wonder WHY I was getting these little holes at the bottom front of my shirts. Even after wearing t-shirts a few times, and with high quality premium shirts, these little buggers would show up.

mend a hole in t-shirt

No worries. I’m going to share with you the answer to this mystery and give you a way to fix these holes without having to get out a needle and thread AND show you how to prevent them from now on.

mending a hole in t-shirt

What causes these tiny holes in t-shirts?

You may have thought it was because of poor fabric quality or moths. Nope.

These tiny holes in your t-shirts are caused by objects that stress the threads in the knit fabric

In most cases, it’s the button of your jeans or your belt buckle. This is my issue. I like wearing a belt, so that’s a problem and when you wear a belt and don’t do the “front tuck” thing you can get several holes in one area.

Even if you don’t wear a belt, that darn metal button on your pants, will cause problems.

Here are some other culprits that may be causing a hole in a t-shirt? Car seat belts, sharp corners on tables and counter tops, and shoulder bags that you wear repeatably.

I was so happy when I figured this out how to mend all these shirts instead of having to throw them away. Yay!

How to mend a hole in a t-shirt

This is such a quick and simple thing to do. You’re going to love it.

Materials & items needed

Instructions for mending a hole in a t-shirt

hole in t-shirt1-  Lay your t-shirt wrong side facing out on the ironing board

2-  Smooth out the fabric

how to mend a hole in t-shirt3- Cut a small square of the interfacing about 1 x 1 inch

4- Cut another square of the webbing slightly smaller

5- Round off the corners of both squares with the scissors

hole in t-shirt6- Center and place the webbing on top of the hole

7- Place the interfacing on top of the webbing. Make sure none of the webbing fabric is sticking out. IT WILL MELT ONTO YOUR IRON!

8- Set the iron to the COTTON AND STEAM setting

iron patch9- Place the hot iron on the patch and press for 10 seconds (DON’T MOVE THE IRON AROUND).

10- Flip the shirt so the right side is facing up.

11- Gently take your fingernails and close the hole by pressing the edges of the hole together.

10- Flip the shirt so the right side is facing up.

hole in t-shirt11- Gently take your fingernails and close the hole by pressing the edges of the hole together.

Tad-ah! That’s all there is to it.

How to prevent  holes in your t-shirts

Here are a few ways to prevent this from happening again.

  • Tuck your t-shirts into your trousers and skirts. This will keep the shirt from rubbing against your belt or buttons
  • Wear a “button cover” It’ll stop your t-shirt from touching your trousers button.

These little gadgets are a life saver. They are made from soft silicone and slip right over your buttons.

  • Choose belts with smooth buckles.

Unfortunately, button covers alone won’t prevent those tiny holes in t-shirts if you are wearing a square of big belt.

Now you know  what causes these little holes in clothes and t-shirts, how to get rid of them, and how to prevent them, hopefully this will save you a little money, and allow you to keep your favorite t-shirts in top shape.





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