New DIY 2023 Printable Calendars // A Minimalist Approach to Planning


If you’re like me and still like to use a hard copy planner, these 2023 printable calendars are for you! They are super easy to download and print and they are so practical.

The simple minimalist style of these 2023 printable calendars is attractive and gives you plenty of room to write.

Once you have the files, you can print them out as many times as you want. (They make really fun, unique Christmas gifts)

2023 printable calendars

There are four different 2023 printable clalendar styles to choose from:

  • Clipboard Calendar
  • Planner Calendar
  • Big Binder Calendar
  • Pocket Calendar

What you’ll need to print and download the 2023 printable calendars

  • Computer and Printer
    8 1/2 x 11 paper (20 lb., recycled paper or card stock)
    Adobe Reader (If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free from THIS LINK.
  • Paper cutter for pocket calendars
  • Optional binding supplies
  • Paper hole punch for optional binder application

Where do you get the 2023 printable calendars?

You can purchase the PDF files here on my website.

Clipboard Calendar

This calendar is the most wanted calendar and I’ve been selling it for almost 28 years.

It’s just so dang simple and practical. You can use it for Meal planning, business planning, or whatever you need to schedule. Print one up for each area of your life.

Put it in a clipboard, or hang it on your fridge where the whole family can see what’s going on.

2023 printable calendars mag clipI love using these little magnetic clips. The magnet shown in the photo, I just hot glued a cute button to it. 

2023 printable calendars 2024There is a 2024 condensed calendar included on the last page of the calendar!


Planner Calendar

The planner calendar is something I personally use for ALL my planning.

If I were to lose this planner calendar, I would be in trouble! Everything in my life gets scheduled in here.

This calendar can fit in a ring binder, disc binder, or traveler’s notebook.2023 printable calendar notebooks


Big Binder Calendar

For those who need a little more space to write, this BIG BINDER calendar is for YOU!

This calendar is printed on both sides of the paper and opens up for a BIG month-at-a-glance. Easy to print out and very cost-effective. This is the calendar I use for all my business tasks.

The clean black lines and simple black script text make it a refreshing way to stay organized. Place it in a 3-ring binder, or a disk planner, or bind it with staples.


2023 printable calendars pocket

Pocket Calendar

I love this little calendar. It’s the perfect thing to throw in your purse or keep at your desk.

It measures 6.75 inches (16.51) cm x 4 inches (11.43) cm. and works well with B6 slim Traveler’s Notebooks, Midori, Fauxdori, junk journals, or can be used alone.

Printed on letter-size sheets of paper and simply cut down to size. There are easy instructions included for downloading, printing, and assembling the calendar.

The calendar pages open up for a month at a glance view and have plenty of room to write in.


2023 printable calendars bindingWhat’s fun about this and the planner calendar, is that you can bind them using colorful card stock prints, or (of course) upcycled felted wool sweater scraps.

I show you how to do this in this blog post. It really is simple and fun to do, AND they make really unique Christmas gifts.

2023 printable calendars pocket

I also have a WEEKLY PLANNER printable that is editable. You can find out more about it HERE.weekly planner calendar

There you have it, four simple 2023 printable calendars to help you organize and plan the upcoming 2023 year.

Happy 2023 planning!






  1. Thank you very much for sharing this calendar! I really love it

    • You are so welcome. So glad you love it!

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