DIY Closet Organizer Tags

organizer tags

These closet organizer tags are easy to make and a quick project. I am trying to create a little more space and organization for my small compact closet.  I started the process by sorting through and donating those items that I very seldom wear or that I haven’t worn in a very long time.  It’s amazing the things we hold onto thinking SOMEDAY we might wear it.

It’s so refreshing to leg things go!

So now that I have created a little more space, I wanted to do something to keep things a little more organized.  I put the clothes in categories so I can find things easier.  I came across this idea on Pinterest and thought I would give it a whirl.

organizer tags

Closet Organizer Tags Instructions

Using craft foam sheets (thick card stock or scrapbook paper would work great too), trace around a small bowl that measures around 4 inches or so.

organizer tags tracing lid

Find a small lid that measures around 2 inches and just eyeball it to the center point, and trace around it.

organizer tags cutting out

Cut out the outer circle.

organizer tags

Cut a slit into the center and cut around the inner circle.

sweaters organizer tags

Label the closet organizer tags using a marker.  You could get a lot more fancy than this perhaps using cute printed card stock or even typing it up on a computer.  I just wanted something quick and easy.

Cut out and label as many as you need. These tags would be great in the kids closets too.

organizer tags variety
There you have it.  EASY PEASY!
Could you stand to do a little closet makeover?
Have fun and remember…LESS IS MORE!

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