Upcycled Sweater Christmas Stocking Tutorial

My felted wool scrap box is getting a little out of control so I thought I would make up some new Christmas stocking and use up some of the scraps. They turned out pretty cute.  I am going to walk you through this fun Upcycled Sweater Christmas stocking tutorial and let you download my Christmas stockings pattern for free!

If you don’t want to use felted wool sweaters, you can make the stockings out of regular woven fabrics.

Let’s get started

To make a striped Christmas stocking, you will need to cut out some strips of sweaters. You will be sewing the strips together and then cutting out the stocking, just like you would with a solid piece of fabric. I recommend cutting strips that are 2 1/2 inches- 5 inches in depth and 8 inches wide for the upper stocking and 11 inches for the foot part of the stocking. There are no rules here. The color schemes and color patterns are endless.


You can also make solid color Christmas stockings from this pattern. Check out some ideas here.

Get the Christmas stocking PATTERN HERE

1) Download, print and cut out the pattern.

(Due to the size of the pattern, you will need to assemble the pattern first) Easy peasy!

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Stocking

2) Cut out strips

Cut out various sizes of strips, or you can cut them all the same size. Just depends on the look you want. Arrange the strips in the order you want them. *HINT (Take a picture with your phone, so you can remember) Then stack them in order.

Upcycled Sweater Christmas Stocking

3) Sew strips together

You can use a single needle sewing machine or a serger. (If the fabric you are using will fray, you will need to use a serger or finish the edges using a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.

4) Cutting Out front piece

Open up the strips you just sewed together, and press all the seams so they are all going in the same direction. (Decide if you want the seams exposed on the outside or not, and cut out accordingly).  Lay the pattern on top to see if you have enough strips and that they are wide enough.

Pull the fabric taught and pin in place. Cut out.

5) Back piece and lining 

Choose a fabric to use as the back piece. I used a pair of recycled denim jeans. You can use corduroy, sweater fabric or any woven fabric. You only need one backing piece.

Decide which fabric to use for the lining.

Line the pattern up with the grain of the fabric and cut out two

6) Sewing outer stocking

Place the outer lining strips on top of the back piece (Right Sides Together). Pin in place.

Sew all the way around, leaving the top open.

Turn the right side out.

*Make sure the strip seams are all facing the same way as you sew. (You may have to stop sewing and push the seam down as you sew over it).

7)  Inner lining

Place the lining pieces (RST). Pin in place and sew around, just like you did with the outer pieces.

Do not turn inside out.

8) Cutting out & sewing stocking cuff

You can make the stocking cuff out of an existing sweater cuff, or you can use woven fabric as well.

Fold the cuff in half and place pattern on fold where indicated and cut out. (I wanted this cuff to be a little shorter, so that is why is looks a little funny in the photo above).

9) The cuff

With (RST) sew the cuff seam. Turn the right side out and fold in half so the seam is in the center. Mark the outer folds with pins.

10) Stocking loop

Cut out loop on the fold where indicated on pattern. Only cut out one.

Sew the seam, and turn inside out. * HINT use a safety pin as shown to help turn inside out.

Fold the loop seam to center and press in place.

Now fold the loop in half with the seam on the inside.

11) Sewing on the cuff & loop

Take your hand and stick it in the stocking lining. Stuff the lining into the outer stocking.

Line up seams and upper edges of the outer stocking and lining.

Place the loop on the stocking lining, just behind the side seam toward the back. Pin in place.

With the WRONG side of the cuff facing out, place it inside the stocking, lining up pins with the side seams. Pin in place.

Sew all the way around. Take your time to line up the edges of all three layers as you sew. Back stitch.

12) Finishing

Flip the cuff to the outside. Ta-dah!

Stick you hand inside the stocking to push the edges out. Press upper cuff seam and all around the stocking edges.

There you have it!

If you have any questions while sewing, you’re welcome to send me note.






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