26 Day Detox: Phase 2 Green Smoothies

green smoothies

I am into day 3 of Phase 2, which is the SEVENTH day of the detox. For THREE DAYS it has pretty much green smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yep, so excited. So glad to have what I usually have for breakfast, minus the almond butter. (Which I do miss). I’m not a big fan of protein powders even if the Green Smoothie Girls brand is super clean with no animal products or grains. I think it is the stevia that is used to sweeten it. I prefer to have the protein drink by itself and not added to the smoothie. I have felt like my body needs more protein as I have been a little weak at times and tired. Before I started the detox I would have some Brazil nuts or nut butter with my smoothies and did great. I am sure my body is wondering what the heck I am doing!

The first day of phase 2, we could add mixed berries. The next day we added banana, and the next day apples. Today I feel a little bloated and not quite as good. Wondering if the fruit is not so great for me. I ate a 1/2 of banana, and did not add it to my smoothie. Would rather chew it than drink it.

This is arugula from my garden. I added that to my lunch smoothie. Interesting flavor it added. I usually eat it in my salads, but what the heck, I’ll drink my salad.

Took some ME time and applied a castor oil pack to my belly and tried to relax. Just a little concerned about the blood pressure not really coming down, even after starting the new medication. What is causing it??? So frustrating! The other night we took a nice evening bike ride, my husband and I.  It felt good to get outside and move my body. I could tell, though that I was not totally up to par. Sleeping has been a little challenging. Can’t seem to relax and go to sleep at night, and have not felt rested in the morning.

I am the only one who has not went off the diet at all. My husband just had the cereal and nuts that one morning, and the kids are doing the best they can. Allie has been working 12 hour shifts and has been sick. Sam is a trooper and hanging in there and doing quite well. I am not sure if he sticks to it and lunch or not, but at home he joins in with us. I don’t push it all, just excited they would even consider it. I love that they have a desire to eat better.

Getting ready to go shopping again for the next SEVEN DAYS.

Until next time my friends,


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