26 Day Detox: Day 4

Day 4

Whew! I am almost at the end of detox day 4 and so ready to move on to the next 3 days which will be green smoothies.  I could hardly get down my lunch today. Things are tasting so bland. We tried to switch things up a bit and mashed the potatoes and topped them Hippo soup  gravy. I must say, it didn’t taste like the mashed potatoes and gravy that we usually eat.

My son is a genius when it comes to preparing food. He sliced the potatoes and added a little onion then fried them in a little avocado oil. Not sure if that was legal, but close enough. We were all thinking a little Cholula hot sauce would have been good on the potatoes to add a little flavor, but we refrained.

Instead of the usual cucumbers and tomatoes, we sliced the cucumbers, added some red onion and drenched them in lemon juice. This was tasty.

I have come to realize how much I eat emotionally, and how much I eat just out of habit. Like today, it is Sunday and we usually have a big meal for lunch and in the evening have a light meal and then a snack of POPCORN. (Oh, that sounds so dang good)! Sunday is also the day that my husband will often make up a batch of his yummy brownies. Not today.

To distract us and do something different, we filled up a glass with “GOOD ICE”, and added a bunch of lemon juice, and went for a ride. We found a little park and went and sat in the shade and talked. It was nice. Our deep conversation got a little intense, as emotions started to surface and I had a good cry.  A good cry is believed to release stress hormones or toxins from the body. I am detoxing all over the place.

The park we were at is a place we had never been to and this was not the usual activity for a Sunday.

CHANGE IS GOOD! If we keep doing the SAME THINGS, we will continue to get the same results.

This detox is so good in so many ways. I am changing things up, cleaning house baby! Speaking of cleaning house, it is amazing how I have been wanting to purge the clutter from my house. The other day I took another load of stuff to the Deseret Industries (thrift store), and today cleaned out my spice cupboard and threw spices out I have have not used for years. It felt great! So amazing the crap we hold onto, physically and emotionally and don’t even realize it.

By the way, just have to mention that I have lost 3 lbs. I am excited!






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