26 Day Detox: Emotional Reactions

I went to bed last night feeling like crap physically and emotionally. I was thinking to myself “what the heck have I done?” It’s one thing to choose into something like this, but another to make it public and have to be accountable, and who wants to screw up, right? Who would have thought that changing the way you eat could create such intense emotional reactions! Well, I have been doing pretty good until last night. We were counseled that is expected and almost inevitable that we may have an emotional reaction at some point during this program. After all it is pretty much like going through food addiction rehab. I have always thought to do something like this I would need to go to some place and live for 3 weeks while they prepared my food, monitored my blood, had massages, and had a support group.

I seriously did not think I could do this by myself. I mean I have days that I get so overwhelmed and feel so wiped out that to think of only eating cucumbers, tomatoes and green smoothies all day and having to prepare it all, seemed WAY too overwhelming. I will have to admit that having 23 days left kinda freaks me out a little bit. I try not to focus on that, and like my husband said this morning, “lets just do one day at a time”. So nice to have encouragement like that!

So, back to my night last night. I went to bed with a throbbing headache. My head felt a lot of pressure and my face felt flushed, but the bottom part of my body was cold. Here I am in Utah where the temperature has been in the 90’s the past week and I was cold. Oh, but that didn’t last long, because an hour later I was sweating hot. It felt like I was getting the flu, achy and my stomach did not feel just right. It is not uncommon for me to feel this way occasionally, but I haven’t for a while.

Not only did I feel yucky physically, but my mind started going crazy on me with a bunch of negative chatter. So I started tapping. EFT tapping that is. I was having thoughts like “you have failed as a mother”, “why did I sign up for this thing”, “who am I to be posting about this”, “no one cares about this”, “I have wasted my money”, “SHOULD NOT BE DOING THIS”, “it’s not safe”, ………………………..I continued to tap and express how I felt, softly in my head of course, because my husband was sleeping next to me. He is used to it. After getting it all out, the thoughts quickly began to change to more hopeful thoughts and I felt more at peace and was able to go to sleep. I LOVE EFT!

I had to get up a few times to go to the bathroom, (dumping a lot of water) but slept pretty good, once I fell asleep. My husband woke up this morning so weak. He had lost another 3 lbs. CRAZY. He is not a big guy. I was a little worried about him. He had worked hard yesterday out in the sun while doing this detox. WE ARE FINALLY PUTTING THE BACK PORCH ON OUR HOME ADDITION, YEA.  I had a thought to put a particular essential oil blend on his feet to BALANCE him. Seemed to be quite effective. He felt he needed to eat a normal breakfast (bowl of grain cereal). After he ate breakfast he was fine, and up and running.

I laid in bed a little longer this morning, but popped out of bed and got going. I didn’t feel too bad. Drank my usual lemon water and did a little meditation then jumped on the rebounder for a bit. That thing seriously does wonders. If you haven’t tried jumping on a mini tramp or don’t know what the heck I am talking about, check out my post about it here. Another thing I do, that I think is really helping, is SKIN BRUSHING.

I have been diffusing essential oils that help with letting things go, and applying some motivating blends to my adrenal glands. Doing good so far today. Still craving something salty and crunchy!

It has helped to stay busy, and also to have a nap sometime during the day. Oddly enough, I feel I have a little more energy in a different way, and feel more hopeful and empowered.

We got this!

Until tomorrow,


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