How To Make a Dog Dress Shirt Collar From an Upcycled Shirt


For all dog lovers, this DIY dog dress shirt dog collar is the cutest thing ever, and there is no sewing required.

They are super simple to make and only take a few minutes to whip up.


Dog dress shirt collar – MATERIALS & ITEMS NEEDED

All you need is a

  • dress shirt
  • measuring tape
  • a pair of fabric scissors
dog dress shirt collar

Dog dress shirt collar – INSTRUCTIONS

1-  The first thing that you’ll want to do is measure your dog’s neck.

You want to make sure that the shirt is going to fit

dog dress shirt collar

This collar fits my… Border Collie has quite a big neck, and it was a men’s extra large shirt.

If you go to the thrift store or consignment to buy a shirt, you’ll want to make sure that you take a measuring tape so you can measure the shirt neck.

If you have a small dog, you can go into the boy’s section and get a boy’s dress shirt.

These dress shirt collar would also be really cute for your cat.

Choosing the right kind of dress shirt.

The shirt needs to have this little strip of fabric between the collar and shirt.

Some dress shirts will have the collar go straight down to the shoulder fabric.

You’ll need to have this little strip of fabric for the collar to work.

This is so simple. You’re basically just going to cut the collar off.

But where you cut it is important!

dog dress shirt collar

Cut just below the folded edge of that top stitching on the neck tab.

Make sure that you’re not cutting into the other piece of fabric, or it will fray out.

dog dress shirt collar fray checkAnd if you accidentally cut into that collar tab, there’s always Fray Check that works well.

You can even launder fabric that you’ve applied with Fray Check on it, and it won’t fray.

dog dress shirt collar

So, I have an upcycling tip for you. Most of you know that I love to upcycle fabric and recycle things.

I loved the fabric of this shirt. It’s still in really good condition, and it’s a really lovely piece of cotton fabric that will be great for all kinds of projects.

This shirt made a really cute dog dress shirt collar, but let me show you what I’ve done with the leftover shirt fabric.

organize your fabric coverI do have a tutorial showing you how to organize and store pieces of fabric.


How to dismantle a shirt for fabric use.

1- Cut off the sleeves at the shoulder.

2- Cut down the sleeve seam.

3- Open up the front and back of the shirt by cutting down the side seams.

dog dress shirt collar

Storing upcycled shirt fabric

Spread out the pieces of fabric and fold into a rectangular shape.

organize your fabric alligator clipsTake these paper comic boards, wrap the fabric pile around them, and clip them in place with these little clips or a pin.


So, if you have a good shirt and the fabric is still in good condition, SAVE IT and put it in your fabric stash.

DOG DRESS SHIRT COLLARGo through your closets and find a cute dress shirt you no longer love or are ready to part with.

If you don’t have a shirt to use, there’s always the thrift store or consignment shops.

Tad-ah, that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know if you have any questions.






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