The Perfect Pom Pom Tutorial // 2 Simple Methods // 3 Sizes

the perfect pom pom

In this craft tutorial, I show you how to make the perfect yarn pom pom. Oh, there are so many fun things you can do with a colorful pom pom. I’m going to go over 2 simple methods and 3 different sizes that you can make, and I’ll give you some really fun ideas of what you can do with these colorful balls of color.

Materials & Items Needed

  • yarn
  • sharp fabric scissors
  • paper scissors
  • recycled cracker box/cereal box/oak tag paper
  • wide mouth canning jar (large pom pom)
  • pencil/pen
  • fork
  • large serving fork
  • 2 empty toilet paper rolls
pom pom sizes

Here are the three different sizes and how to make them.

Mini Pom Pom Instructions

  • Take the fork and hold it sideways in your less dominant hand. Leave a small tail and start wrapping the yarn around the fork prongs. DO NOT WRAP TOO TIGHTLY!


  • Continue to wrap the yard until you get it plump as shown in the photo above. Do not over wrap. Cut the yarn.


  • Cut another piece of yarn about 12 inches/30 cm. Slide the bundled yarn up a little being careful not to let the wrapped yarn fall off the fork. Stick the end of the yarn into the center bottom space in the prongs.


  • Pull it out to the other side and bring it up between the top center space in the prongs.
  • Wrap the two ends of the yarn around twice to form a half knot and pull it tight. NOT TIGHT ENOUGH TO BREAK THE YARN! Slide the yarn bundle off the fork.
  • Wrap the two yarn ends around to the other side of the yarn bundle and repeat the half knot. Pull tight and knot. Cut the tails to the width of the bundled yarn.
  • Take the fabric scissors and start cutting the top center of the yarn loops until you’ve cut the whole bundle of yarn loops. Having a pair of SHARP scissors makes this process a lot easier. (Check out the VIDEO TUTORIAL WHERE I SHOW YOU A TIP ON HOW TO SHARPEN YOUR SCISSORS).
  • Now cut around the edges of the yarn bundle to form a circle. Shake it and turn it sideways. Flatten out the yarn strings and cut the circle edges. Repeat this process until you have a symmetrical ball to your liking.
  • Roll it between your hands to fluff and even it out.
medium pom pom

Medium Size Pom Pom

Repeat the steps for the mini pom pom, but USE THE LARGE SERVING FORK.

large pom pom

Large Size Pom Pom

  • Make the circle templates. Trace the canning jar top onto the cardboard paper twice to make two circles. Cut out the circles and set them aside.
  • Take the two toilet rolls and clamp them with your fingers as shown in the photo above. Place the end of the yarn between the two rolls. Start wrapping the yarn around the rolls. (Don’t wrap too tightly). ****Note: Wrapping two strands of yarn will make the process a lot faster. You can also make a variegated pom pom by using two different colors.
  • Wrap until you have a plump center as indicated in the photo. The more you wrap the more plump the pom pom will be.
  • Using the same techniques as with the smaller pom poms, tie off the pom pom.
  • Slide the yarn bundle off the tubes, once you tie off one side. Then bring the ends together on the other side and knot them off.

  • Cut yarn loops and flatten the yarn bundle by smoothing out the strands of yarn to the outside.
  • Take one of the circle templates and center it on the yarn bundle. Then take the other template and place it on the bottom to form a “yarn sandwich” with the yarn bundle in-between the two templates.
  • Start trimming the yarn around the edges of the template. Remove the templates and shake out the bundle.
  • Turn it sideways and flatten and smooth out the yarn strands. Repeat the sandwich process and flipping until you have a round pom pom.
  • Trim and clip the ball until you have a fluffy even ball.
pom pom ideas

What to do with the finished pom poms

Here are five fun ideas of how you can use these cute colorful pom poms.

pom pom garland1- Make a pom pom garland.


pom pom headband2- Sew a mini pom pom onto a baby headband. (SO CUTE).

pom pom gift package3- Use them to decorate a gift package instead of a bow.

You may be interested in some other fun ways to decorate a gift package. 

cat pom pom 4- Cats love to play with the mini pom poms!

pom pom zipper pull5- Attach a mini pom pom to a piece of twine to make a unique ZIPPER PULL.


I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Get out a pair of sharp scissors, and a ball of yarn, and have fun making pom poms!




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