DIY: Non-Toxic Foaming Hand Wash

Have you ever stopped to think what is in hand soap? Most hand soaps and lotions are full of toxic chemicals, especially antibacterial soaps. What you put on your skin is readily absorbed into the bloodstream and may be effecting your health. Here is a little information about why we should avoid anti-bacterial soaps, and consider making your own non-toxic foaming hand wash.

I’m trying not to put a lot of focus on the cold & flu, however, you’ve got to admit, these viruses are out there and there is something you can do to help prevent it. WASH YOUR HANDS! 

Makes sense, of course, since hand washing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs. The Environmental Working Group (EWC)

What’s so bad about antibacterial soaps?

The main reason to avoid anti-bacterial soaps is its active ingredient: triclosan (and the related triclocarbon). Triclosan is an anti-bacterial chemical found in many consumer products, and it’s nearly ubiquitous in liquid hand soap. It is linked to liver and inhalation toxicity, and even low levels of triclosan may disrupt thyroid function. Further, the American Medical Association recommends that triclosan not be used in the home, as it may encourage bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Just think of all the times you wash your hands everyday, or should be washing your hands (about 7-10 times a day) and what is going into your bloodstream via hand soap alone.

You and your children can avoid a lot of chemicals going into your system by simply choosing a non-toxic soap to wash your hands with.

I like to make my own foaming hand wash. use a blend of essential oils that Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary which offer a natural and effective way to clean your hands. This combination of essential oil is protects against environmental threats and it smells yummy!

It is super easy and takes only a few minutes to make.

Here is what you need:

how to make your own non-toxic foaming hand wash

Pour the liquid soap into the jar.

Add 10- 15 drops of essential oils.

There are a lot of great essential oil combinations to use. I like

  • 5 drops of Peppermint Oil and five drops of Melaleuca oil
  • 10-15 drops Lemon Oil
  • Use your creativity and your nose to create some other yummy blends.

Slowly add water. Shake gently.

If you see the soap and water separate, you may need to give it a little shake once in a while.

Simple, Safe, and Inexpensive! Keep a jar by every sink!




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