The Joy of Making and Wearing an Apron


Do you wear an apron? It seems that not many people wear aprons anymore. Could it be because not many people take the time to cook, or is it because they don’t want to bother putting one on?  Personally, I get a lot of joy making and wearing an apron!

What comes to your mind when you think about aprons?

I think about bright colored cotton prints, my grandmother making something yummy in the kitchen, and SEWING. Why sewing? One of my first sewing projects was probably an apron. I don’t think my mother or grandmother ever purchased an one from the store, an apron was just something you made.

I wear a full apron for cooking and a half apron for cleaning, puttering and crafting. For some, wearing an apron may remind them of work or drudgery. For me, (and hopefully for you), it means something wonderful is about to be CREATED! Something yummy to eat, a new project or just tidying up the house – all good stuff.

This may sound kinda crazy, but when I put my apron on, something happens within. I just feel ready- ready to get things done, ready for inspiration, and I feel empowered. Anyone else feel this way?

Full Apron

A full apron is usually worn to protect clothing when cooking. I have ruined a lot of clothing when that dreaded splash of sauce or grease jumped out of the pan onto my shirt or pants.


util 1

These keeping house aprons are great for vendors to wear at craft shows.

Half Aprons/Utility Aprons

Aprons with pockets are used to keep things handy when working on projects. These utility aprons, KEEPING HOUSE APRONS, is what I call them, are my very favorite to wear! I wear them around the house most days and am tempted to wear them out and about. Don’t ya think they add a unique, hip, shabby chic look when worn over a pair of jeans or skirt.


I love wearing these around the house because

  • I can keep my cell phone handy, not only for calls and texts, but I like listening to music or a podcast.
  • Keep tissue handy
  • Hold, and keep handy, all my important tools (cell phone, ipod, vacuum attachments, scissors, garden tools, pens, pencils, calculator, dog treats, etc.
  • Great for all those miscellaneous items you find on the floor while vacuuming!

Aprons are not just to wear indoors. I use my “keeping house” apron when I work in the garden and it came in real handy when shingling our roof several years ago. (Perfect for holding nails, my cell phone and measuring tape.


My son and I on top of the roof. Ripping off old shingles. Notice my handy keeping house apron.

Aprons make great wedding and shower gifts!

I like making and giving aprons for wedding shower gifts. One particular time I was too busy to make an apron for a gift. I looked everywhere to find an apron that I could buy. I had a hard time finding one. The specialty cooking stores had a few, but not quite what I wanted and they were quite pricey.

Making an apron for yourself or to give as a gift is very easy and inexpensive. It is fun to put a set of dishtowels, a cooking gadget or a copy of one of your favorite recipes with the apron.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Perhaps your Mom needs a stylen’ apron.

By the way, aprons are not just for women. I know a lot of men who like wearing them when they are doing the manly barbecue thing.

If you sew, go to your fabric stash or purchase a cute piece of woven cotton fabric and go to town. These aprons are a fun, easy sewing project. You’ll only need two yards of woven fabric for lined FULL APRON or just 1 yard if using a thicker cotton fabric. One yard is needed for the HALF style.

You can get the full size PDF pattern here.

utility apron  pattern here

Mix colors, prints and textures, and add trim and embellishments to make a fun authentic, one of a kind APRON. The combinations are endless. No need to spend a lot of money on fancy fabrics or trims. Use what you have.

If you don’t wear an apron, I suggest you give it a whirl! You will love it!

Happy cleaning, cooking and dancing!





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