DIY Deodorant Labels

deodorant labels

Yesterday I whipped up another batch of my natural deodorant. When I was putting the labels on the jars I thought some of you may want to have access to these deodorant labels too. Your DIY products deserve to have a cute label, don’t ya think?I  hope you’ve had a chance to try this deodorant, if not, you need to give it a whirl. It is really easy to make. You won’t regret it. Everyone I know who has tried it, loves it.

You can get the instructions and recipe here.

I create labels for all the stuff I make. It is so irritating to make something, put it in a bottle or jar and not remember what the heck it is for. Have any of you done that before? Although you probably won’t forget what this lovely gray goop is, it is still fun to have it in a cute labeled jar.

So if you are interested, I have the labels available in my Etsy shop. You can either print your own or order them already printed on durable, waterproof paper.

There are several sticker sizes available

Whether you are using a recycled face cream lotion jar, a hair product jar, or a cute little travel tin, I have you covered.


deodorant labels

small jar top

deodorant label

side jar label

Some jars work better to have a label on the side.

deodorant label

travel tin label

This is the perfect little size for traveling. You don’t have to lug the whole jar with you.

deodorant label

variety set

If you are like me, most likely you’ll have a variety of recycled jars available when you make up your deodorant.

The printable PDF set comes with all of them so you can print out what you need, when you need them.

deodorant label

All of the labels include the ingredients except for the travel tin.

For all the youmakeitsimple followers, I am giving you a coupon code to get a 20% off discount in my shop.

Just type the code:


If you haven’t switched to a natural deodorant, I hope you consider it for your health. When you do, this recipe really is the best thing I have tried. Enjoy!


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