How to Maintain a Clean, Orderly Home – the perfect cleaning system to keep you from going insane

cleaning system
Now the days are longer, are you ready to do a little SPRING  (summer) CLEANING? I sure am.
Before you put on your rubber gloves and cleaning aprons, stop and think about how you handle all the tasks that need to be done around your house.
Do you have a cleaning system? Or do you randomly dive into a job here and there only to find yourself going in circles?
Do you have a tendency to get all gung ho and attack too many projects at once, leaving you feeling OVERWHELMED and FRUSTRATED?
I used to until I created a cleaning system for myself and my family that allows us to get things done a little at a time.
I have purchased and tried other lists and cleaning systems, but none of them really fit my lifestyle and didn’t quite jive with the tasks that I needed to be done at MY house.
The pre-formatted lists would never get completed and  I would find myself feeling like a failure, overwhelmed again by all the things that were not getting done.
This Keeping House Cleaning System that I have put together really works because you can adapt it and customize it to the needs of your home and those who are helping out around the house.
What I love is that EVERYONE in the family knows exactly what, when, and how to do their chores, because you will have created a custom chart just for them.
The pre-formatted lists would never get completed and  I would find myself feeling like a failure, overwhelmed again by all the things that were not getting done.
cleaning system
If you are the only one keeping house, you will have a plan.
You won’t find yourself wandering around all morning wondering what you should do or where to begin.
If you stick to it, you will get things done.
And when things get done, you feel fabulous because you have completed something!

The challenge will be, to NOT do more than is on the list. Seem crazy?


This is what usually happens. You get all excited about cleaning, then you have a little time to do a little more and then a little more.

Before you know it, you’re burned out for the day and you don’t want to do anymore the next day. Sound familiar?

The key is to do a little at a time, at a steady pace and you will find magic happening in your home.

If you stick to your list, you will find yourself having MORE TIME to do the things you really want to.

Setting up the cleaning system will take a little time at first, but will be well worth your time in the long run!

Here is the cleaning system process

● Analyze each room and determine exactly what tasks need to be done and how often.
● Make a schedule. Decide which days would be the best to accomplish these tasks.
● Split up the tasks with others in the family and create personal chore charts.
● Create a tickler file for the bigger, not-so-frequent tasks.

This is what’s included in the Cleaning House System

6 different editable PDF files are included in the cleaning house system. The forms will help you set up your system so you can create chore charts for each family member. 

Family dynamics and schedules will change. No worries.  Saving your files will allow you to tweak and make adjustments. That’s the beauty of editable PDF files!

My daughter had just moved out, therefore I had to rearrange and distribute her tasks, which was easy because of the editable forms I had saved.

cleaning system

The printable pdf forms allow you to type in whatever information you want, customized to your needs.

cleaning system

Create a cute tickler file for the bigger, not so frequent tasks

cleaning system

Adding one or two of these cards at a time to your schedule will keep you on top of the BIG jobs.

cleaning system

After you complete the task, write the date on the back.
(If your kids are doing the task, it helps to put their initials). This will show accountability!

When the task is complete, put that task card in the back of that file section.

As a result, this will help rotate tasks and help you eventually work through all the tasks.

cleaning system

Keep some empty cards handy in your cleaning apron to jot down those jobs you don’t have cards for yet. I love my keeping house aprons! If you sew, the pattern is available here.

Where do you get the Keeping House Cleaning system?

You can purchase the printable files here.

Happy Cleaning and remember………cleaning is a JOY!


  1. Jan, your website is wonderful and I am enjoying every suggestion you are sending. The housecleaning one is great and so important. The importance about “we’ve got to keep moving” can’t be stressed enough and your short video of a chair yoga class is always well timed.
    Thank you for that “wake up call” for many of us. Keep up the
    good work.
    All the best to you and your family.

    • Hey thank you Elke! Hope you’re doing well, and all my best to you and your family.

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