DIY Cone Thread Holder

DIY cone thread holder

Using cone thread on your home sewing machine can save you lots of money! Here is a quick DIY tutorial on how to make your own thread holder for cone thread. A regular spool of thread usually holds around 300 yards of thread where cone thread holds around 3000 yards. There is just one problem. Unless you have a cone thread stand, the thread will not feed evenly into your machine and will bounce around and cause all kinds of tension problems while sewing. NO PROBLEM!

Why not MAKE YOUR OWN with items I am sure you have kicking around your house. (Cone thread stands that you buy at the store or on line cost around $13-15).

All you need:

  • paper clip
  • some tape
  • cd holder, mug or small bowl
cone holder

Simply bend the paper clip to look like this and tape it to the back of your machine.

Place the cone thread on the cd spindle and thread it through the paper clip and into your machine.  Tad-ah!

cone holder

You can also use a simple mug or small bowl to put the thread in.

cone holder

If you ever use a double needle, having an extra cone thread holder really comes in handy.  (The stand you see on the right is a cone thread holder I purchased at the store).

cone holder

My sister called one day to tell me about an add she found on KSL. Some guy was selling a garage full of industrial cone thread that he had for his business, and for a good price. We got in our cars, drove and hour, and met at this guys house. There we were, three sisters, who love to sew, rummaging through a garage full of cone thread.  He had every color of the rainbow. Most of them brand new.  We were there in the heat of the summer, just a sweating, trying to decide what colors and how much to buy? I think I was there 2 hours and had to leave to teach a yoga class. My sisters stayed another hour longer than I did. I don’t think I should ever have to buy thread again!

Cone thread may seem pricey up front, but in the long run you are going to save a ton of money. Start with the basic colors, and by all means, when it comes on sale, or you see a great deal, stock up. LOL.

If you don’t have a stand for cone thread on your machine, see how easy it is to make your own.


  1. My spool pin doesn’t work. Can I use this as an alternative? I’m worried about threading the bobbin

    • Hi Megan, I find this to work really well. As long as the machine is threaded correctly for winding a bobbin, you’ll be just fine loading a bobbin.

  2. I use cone thread all the time, you never run out of thread! You could tape the clip with the open side up and that would probably work too.

    • Good idea.

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