scrappy fabric stuffed heart
stuffed heart

In this post, I’m going to show you how to sew a scrappy fabric stuffed heart. In a previous post, I gave instructions showing how to make scrappy fabric panels that you can use to make these adorable stuffed hearts.

This is a beginner sewing project that is fun and quite addicting.

What you’ll really like about this sewing tutorial is I will show you a way to sew two pieces of fabric together that are small shapes and have small seam allowances.

This is a method that maybe you haven’t seen before and will make this process so much easier and take the frustration out of sewing small pieces together.

Stuffed heart materials

Stuffed Heart Materials and Supplies

Stuffed Heart Instructions

1 -Decide which shape of heart you want to use.

You can trace a heart cookie cutter or use the FREE HEART TEMPLATE I HAVE CREATED FOR YOU.

Download it HERE.

2 -Trace the heart onto the back of the scrappy fabric panel.

I have used a fusible fleece on the back of my scrappy fabric panels as shown in the photo.

It’s unnecessary, but it gives the fabric more stability and something flat to trace the hearts with.

You can make these stuffed hearts any size.

You must leave at least a 1/4″ space around the heart for the seam allowance.

Don’t bring the heart’s edge right to the fabric’s edge.

If you’d like to learn how to make the panels, check out this post and video tutorial.

I would save even the little scraps because you could use them to make a cute cutout to place on a gift card or something.

scrappy fabric stuffed heart

There are so many fun things you can do with this scrappy fabric.

If you use pre-made scrappy fabric panels, you’ll want to optimize and use as much of the panel as possible.


You will sew around the heart first, then cut it out. This method is SO MUCH EASIER and less frustrating.

stuffed heart tracing

3 -Sewing the stuffed heart

Place the backing fabric RIGHT SIDE FACING UP.

Then place the fabric panel or heat front fabric RIGHT SIDE FACING DOWN and pin it in place.

Leave a space down on the bottom of the heart, about one and a half to two inches, for stuffing the heart, and then we’ll sew that closed when we’re finished.

stuffed heart

Backstitch at the beginning and at the end of the seam.

When sewing around the curves, if you need to leave the needle down and lift up the presser foot and adjust it just a little bit to get around that corner, you can do that. Just go slow.

When at the V in the heart, leave the needle down, lift up your presser foot, and pivot it. Then, continue to sew.

***You could also use a needle and thread if you don’t have a sewing machine. (I do have some tutorials showing you some stitches that you can use to hand sew).

trimming the stuffed heart

4 -Trimming the heart seam allowance

Cut around the heart, leaving a ¼ inch seam allowance.

Clip notches around the curves and a straight cut at the heart notch.

Take care to NOT cut into the seam.

stuffed heart seam allowance

5 -Turn the heart inside out

Take the turning stick and turn the heart right side facing out.

pressing stuffed heartPoke out the points and smooth the curves. (I like pressing the ¼-inch seam allowance so it’s easier to sew the heart closed).

stuffed heart

6 – Stuff the heart

Fill the heart with stuffing, using the turning stick to push the stuffing into points and curves.

7 – Sewing the stuffed heart closed

To sew the heart closed, take the needle, double-thread it, and knot the end.

Take the needle and insert it just at the bottom of where you finished stitching from the wrong side of the fabric to the front, leaving the knot inside the heart.

Fold the ¼ inch seam allowance inside and pin in place.

Using a ladder stitch or slip stitch, sew the opening closed.

If you’d like to watch a quick tutorial showing how to do this, YOU CAN FIND IT HERE.

stuffed heart ribbon

8 – Adding a ribbon or twine to hang the stuffed heart (optional)

If you want to hang the heart, use a thin ribbon, jute, or yarn.

Decide how long you want it to be.

Thread the yarn needle and insert it into the notch of the heart.

Pull it through and take the needle off the ribbon.

stuffed heart ribbon loop

Make a knot at the bottom and then make another knot further up to create a loop.

You can tie a bow if desired.

Ideas of how to display and use the stuffed heartsstuffed heart doorknob

Hang it over a doorknob or a peg.

stuffed heart gift bagAttach it to a gift bag

stuffed heartHang on a bulletin board

stuffed heart bowlDisplayed in a bowl or a basket

Put in a valentine envelope

Fill a portion of it with some dried lavender buds to make a yummy-smelling sachet

Make a pincushion by filling it with crushed walnut shells and stuffing

stuffed heart broachSew a broach pin on the back to put on a shirt or sweater.

stuffed heart basket

There you have it.

Are you ready to get out your sewing machine, gather up some of your fabric scraps and make a cute scrappy fabric stuffed heart?

Please comment or send me a note if you have any questions.




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