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Knowing how to fold a fitted sheet in a way that looks nice and is easy to do can be a little frustrating. I’ve tried several different methods over the years and the fitted sheet usually just ended up in a wad underneath my top sheet, because I just didn’t get it.

fitted sheet wadAfter doing some research and a lot of practice, I have combined a few different methods and I have come up with something that works like a charm. It’s easy, only takes a minute (if that), and the results are amazing!

You’ll end up with a folded sheet that looks nice on your linen closet shelf, and you’ll have a lot fewer wrinkles on your sheet.

In the video, I demonstrate on a king, full and single size sheet so you can get an idea of what it is supposed to look like. This method of folding a fitted sheet is doable even with a king-size sheet.

INSTRUCTIONS: How to fold a fitted sheet

1-Place fitted sheet on a bed or table with WRONG SIDE FACING UP

Locate the long side of the sheet and place that edge closest to you. Stick your hands inside the two corner pockets with the seams exposed.

2-Bring corner pocket seams of the fitted sheet together.

Flip the left corner pocket over the right corner pocket.

3-Switch hands

Put your left hand in the pockets you just aligned. Slide your right hand down the edge of the sheet to find the other two pockets.

4-Bring all four fitted sheet corner pocket seams together

Flip the left two corner pockets over the right pockets and line up all four seams.

5-Switch hands again

Place your left hand in the corner pockets and take your right hand and line up the two folded ends of the sheet. 

6-Flip the fitted sheet over on the bed and pull out the folded edge and flatten out the sheet.

7-Fold right side of the fitted sheet over to form a “c” shape

The left side of the sheet should form a right angle as shown in the picture above. Smooth out the fitted sheet.

fitted sheet final folding

8-Fold the right side over 1/3 of the way

Smooth out the sheet.

9-Fold the left side over and line up edges.

10-Flip the sheet and fold the puffy side of the sheet over 1/3 or 1/4 of the way.

You can fold the sheet in thirds or fourths. 

11-Fold the left side over

Tadah! You have a nice folded sheet. 

sheet and pillowcase bundle

How to make a fitted sheet/flat sheet/pillowcase bundle

You can store your fitted sheet under the top sheet or you can make a bundle with everything. That way, when you go to make your bed, you have everything right there.


There you have it, your fitted sheet, pillowcases, and top sheet. Everything is bundled together and neatly stored.

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Have fun folding sheets, the EASY WAY!


If you want to learn a great tip on how to neatly tuck in your top sheet using “hospital corners” check out this blog post. Just another way to improve your bed-making.





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