Dandelion Removal: Use this tool-NOT chemicals

I have sort of a love, hate relationship with dandelions. How about you? The thing is when they get out of control and are taking over your lawn; it’s time to do something about it. We have found a dandelion removal tool that doesn’t involve potions or chemicals, and doesn’t break your back.

Let’s go back to my love, hate relationship for just a moment. I am an herbalist and know of the many great benefits of using dandelions as a remedy internally, nutritionally, and externally. I use dandelion root tea for medicinal purposes and eat their leaves in my salad and smoothies.

However, when dandelions go to seed and start spreading their fluffy seeds around the yard, they can literally take over your lawn. There is a time when you have to take removal action.

Most of you know that I try to avoid chemicals in my home and in my garden whenever possible. Weed killer is NOT an option for me. (Sometimes my husband thinks otherwise), but I usually win. I used to crawl around my lawn with a little digging tool trying to pull out the dandelions, but not anymore!!!

Whys should you avoid chemical weed killers?

This is a topic of its own and needs its own post, but here are a few links for you to check out until then.

Dandelion Removal at its best!

We have found the most awesome tool ever! This little gadget is one of the best purchases for the garden I have ever made. The day we got it, I went out to the lawn and started popping away. It was addicting. I couldn’t stop until the whole one side of our yard was dandelion free. (We have a ½ acre, so a lot of lawn).

The thing is, once you pull it with this tool, they don’t grow back like they do when you use that little digging tool. It pulls out the WHOLE root.

We are so excited about this tool, that I filmed my husband demoing it for you.


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I recommend keeping a few lovely dandelions in your garden that you can eat and remedy up, but get those pesky ones OUT of your lawn. My suggestion is to check out this gadget, you will LOVE it!

It is called the Fiskers  4-Claw Weeder. It has a lifetime warrantee and well worth your money.  They seriously only cost around $38.

So for all you lucky gardeners who DIY, this tool is a must to add to your garden shed!

Happy weed popping!