Upcycled Crossover Slippers


Upcycle your wool sweaters into some COZY, foot-hugging slippers.



Upcycle your wool sweaters into some COZY, foot hugging slippers.

This slipper pattern was designed to wrap over the top of your foot and around your heel, giving your foot a SNUG, comfortable fit.

Make a pair for yourself, your children, or if you are industrious, whip some up to sell. Everyone loves a unique, one of a kind pair of slippers. Using sweaters with different textures and colors, the combination options are endless.

This pattern includes sizes:
● Youth 13, 1-3
● Women 4-11
● Men 3-13

Easy to follow instructions with descriptive photos will guide you through this project. Only basic sewing machine skills are required.

Materials and Items Needed:
● Sewing machine
● Felted wool sweaters or thick blended fiber sweaters
● Thick Polar Fleece works as well
● Fleece for lining. You can use old fleece jackets or other lightweight wool sweaters.
● Needle and thread.
● Lightweight leather or suede can also be used for the slipper sole.




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