Paper Tulips DIY | Simple Craft Tutorial

paper tulips

Who knew you can make cute little paper tulips from simple square pieces of paper? This is a simple craft tutorial that even children can handle and enjoy.  You’ll have a bouquet made up in no time at all.


Display these paper tulips in a vase, embellish a gift package, or write a fun little note on the leaf.

One of my most favorite ideas is to use them as name tags in a spring luncheon place setting. So cute!


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Cut out paper 5 x 5 inches/12.5 cm

Fold in half and crease the paper. Open up and fold in half again. Crease the paper.

Open up and apply 1 ½ inch/3.5 cm strips of tape just to the right of each fold, (about ¾ inch/2cm from the edge of paper).

Pinch all four creases to form a little cup.

Round off the side angles by trimming with scissors.

Take the wire and bend one end over about ½ inch/1 cm.

Apply one or two drops of craft glue inside the bottom center of the flower.

Poke the unbent end of the wire into the center of the tulip and pull it down until the bent end is secure inside the base of the flower. Pinch to secure it in place.



Fold a green sheet of paper over about 2 inches/5cm, and using the provided template trace around the leaf. (PLACE TEMPLATE ON FOLD WHERE INDICATED).

Cut out as many leaves as you need.

If you want to write a little note or name on the leaf, do it now before gluing it to the stem.

Open up the leaf and apply glue. (I prefer using a glue stick).

Place the stem along the inside of the crease of the leaf and fold leaf onto itself to close.

Ta-dah! Now continue to make up as many tulips as you wish.




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