FOOD SAVERS: How To Keep Leftover Produce Fresh Longer

food savers

What happens when you only need HALF of the onion? Several months ago I found a little gadget that I have to tell you about. The KITCHEN GADGET GOTO this month is the silicone food savers.

There are so many times when I am preparing food, that I only need half of whatever I am cutting up. Things like onions, lemons, pomegranate, grapefruit, and apples often go to waste because a plastic bag covering them in the fridge just doesn’t’ cut it.

Another thing these babies do is keep the order down! When I put half an onion in the fridge you don’t smell a thing. (Unlike the smell you get in a baggie. Even a ziplock bag it reeks).

Drinking lemon water every morning is one of my healthy rituals that I SWEAR BY! I only use HALF A LEMON and I used to put either a plastic bag or plastic wrap around the other half. (What a waste)! These food savers are quick to put on and very easy to clean. They can be put in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezers.

Have leftover smoothies? No problem. These also work as great jar covers.

As you can see, this set comes in FOUR bright colorful sizes.

RED – larger onions, grapefruit, big apples

ORANGE – onions, apples, oranges, etc.

GREEN – apples, small onions, etc.

YELLOW – lemons, large limes, etc.


food saver set

These are definitely some of my favorite kitchen gadgets. They are way inexpensive and easy to order.

So if you waste a lot of produce because you only need half, give these colorful gems a whirl. I love them!