The Perfect Cash Envelope Wallet

I found it again, the perfect cash envelope wallet! I am always on the look out for a “GOOD” wallet to use with my cash envelope tabs. I love this system and if you are interested in saving money and getting your finances under control, you will love it too. This is the key in Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Plan, and it works.

Are you a cash envelope user or want to be, but you can’t seem to find a wallet that works? Or are you still carrying around two wallets in your purse? One for your checkbook, debit card and coins and the other for your envelope system? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have room in my purse for that. It’s all about ONE SYSTEM, ONE WALLET and not overspending! When the money is gone, the money is gone.

This is what I love about my wallet and tabs

● No more bulky paper envelopes, that shred and rip.
● Quick easy access at the checkout. (No more fumbling through your purse finding the right wallet, or zipping through a bunch of separate zipped pouches).
● Saves you money. (You don’t have to buy a separate cash envelope wallet).
● Snap closure
● Includes 12 credit card slots and 2 bill slip pockets
● Exterior features a zippered coin pocket

I get a lot of people asking me where I got my wallet. I have had it for several years. It has held up great, and has plenty of room for everything.

cash envelope wallet

The problem is, is that I couldn’t remember where I got it. I would love to be able to know where to send people or at least give them a link of some kind.  Well, NOW I DO!

The brand is Mundi and this type of wallet is a FILEMASTER. They range anywhere from $25-$40. I found them at the store the other day and bought all they had (which was only a few.) I also found them in a few places online. I am so excited.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, like me, you can get the download to print and cut out your own HERE.

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