DIY Valentine Paint Chip Bookmark / Kid Friendly Craft

diy valentine's paint chip bookmarks

I have always loved the paint chip sample displays at the hardware stores. All the different shades of color printed on paper just make me happy.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can take these little gems of colorful paper and make a fun Valentine bookmark. This is a very simple and quick craft that is kid-friendly and something unique that you can give as a valentine.

paint chip bookmark supplies

Paint Chip Bookmark Materials & Items Needed

You can get paint chips at all stores that sell paint (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.). Look for paint chips that have the least printed text on them. (You’ll be cutting that part off).

Paint Chip Bookmark Instructions

  • Cut off any text or already punched boxes like in the photo above.

paint chip bookmark

I like to use a paper cutter so I get straight even cuts. You could easily use scissors or even a rotary cutter and ruler.paper cutter paint chip bookmark

I love this paper cutter. It’s compact and works really well!

  • If you want to round out the corners, use a corner punch.
  • Punch a hole along the top middle part of the bookmark to thread a ribbon into. Fold the cut ribbon in half and stick the folded edge into the hole from the front to back.

  • Leave a little loop and thread the cut ends of the ribbon into the loop. Pull to tighten the knot.

  • You can leave the paint chip book mark as is, or you can punch some fun hearts into the bookmark. I have this heart punch set that has three different sizes in it. I use these often for cards and other crafts.

    paint chip bookmark heartsIf you want to write a little note on the backside of the paint chip you can do that.

paint chip bookmark green

That was pretty simple, right? What a fun way to re-purpose these colorful paint chips!




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