How To Apply Wonder Under // Clear and Simple Tips & Tricks

wonder under

Wonder Under is a great little product that comes in handy for many sewing and crafting projects.

In this post, I’m going to show you some simple tips & tricks on how to use this fusible webbing that you might find helpful. I’ll show you the basic application, which is super easy.

wonder under fusible paper

What is Wonder Under?

You may not have even heard about Wonder under or fusible webbing. It’s basically a thin webbed piece of glue that has a paper backing. It’s used to adhere one piece of material, like fabric, to another material.

You can wash whatever you put it on and it will stay on there. There are a couple of different brands and types of fusible webbing. I really like this Pellon brand. It also comes in a brand called Heat n Bond that works well too.

You can get it in a lightweight and ultra hold that works for something that you’re maybe going to be washing all the time. It comes in the store by the yard or in packages, and can also be found online.

Projects To Use Wonder Under ON

You can even use this Wonder Under on wood and paper.

Wonder Under Application Materials & Items Needed

How To Apply Wonder Under

Decide what shape, fabric design, or letter you want to use as a cutout iron-on.

****NOTE: Whatever you are cutting out will be “MIRROR IMAGED” when ironing it on. For example, the letter “J” needs to be cut out backward, whereas a symmetrical shape like a heart would not.

1- Cut out a piece of fabric a little bigger than the shape you will be cutting out.

Place the fabric RIGHT SIDE FACING DOWN. Then cut out a piece of Wonder Under the same size. 

Set the fusible sheet aside for now.

2 – Tracing the design

Trace the design onto a regular sheet of paper. If you have a lightbox use that. However, if you don’t, no worries, just go to a window and tape the paper to the window and place the Wonder Under paper over the top and trace away.

Once you have your letter traced, put the Wonder Under paper over the reversed letter and trace it.

3 – Wonder Under application

wonder under ironSet your iron on the high setting and make sure the steam is off. You’ll use a dry iron.

DIY Ironing Board CoverI love using this table ironing board for small projects like this.

Take the webbing sheet and place it down on top of the fabric. Then place the backward “J” paper on top of the webbing. The traced paper needs to be bigger than the webbing!

If the webbing is sticking out at all, and you press it, you’ll have a BIG MESS on your iron and you don’t want that. Then the next thing you press will have goobers on it. (See my hack for getting that muck off your iron).

wonder under cutting outWhen all the layers are in place, simply press it for about 10 to 15 seconds you don’t want to overdo it because you’ll burn the glue. Let it cool and then cut around your shape.

4 – Peel off the paper backing

The next thing you’re going to do is peel off the paper backing.

wonder under janni tip

This can be a REAL CHALLENGE sometimes because it’s hard to separate the paper from the fabric. BUT NO WORRIES. I have a simple hack that is a LIFE SAVE! (For those of you who have struggled with this, you’re going to love this)!

Take a simple pin and make a little X in the middle of your shape somewhere. Score the paper and the paper will pop out a bit and it will give you something to grab and pull, which is a heck of a lot easier.

The back side of the fabric will have a little rubbery plastic texture now.

If the webbing is sticking out at all, and you press it, you’ll have a BIG MESS on your iron and you don’t want that. Then the next thing you press will have goobers on it. (See my hack for getting that muck off your iron).

wonder under letter j

5 – Applying the shape

Take your letter or shape and place it right side facing up and press in place.

wonder under applique

Applique Stitching

If you have an item that is going to be washed a lot, you may want to do some satin stitching (applique) which is basically a very short-length zigzag stitch around that item. This will help it so it doesn’t come off.

wonder under sewing applique

Set your sewing machine to a zigzag stitch, the width at 4 and the length at 0.5 to 0.7.

I recommend testing the stitch on a scrap piece so you can see if you like the stitch. You want to have the outside of the zigzag stitch be right on the outer edge of the applique.

Take the hand wheel of your sewing machine and turn it towards you to bring the needle down so you can see where the stitching is going to be.

Sew around the shape, taking your time around corners and curves. You may need to stop and lift up the presser foot to adjust around corners.

That’s it. Now you have an applique that is secure and won’t fall off after washing.

I hope you found this helpful.

Here are a few projects I’ve used Wonder Under.



Have fun crafting with WONDER UNDER!





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