The Benefits Of Using An Eye Pillow

Yep, simple as that! Simple, but challenging. Challenging because most of us think that just sitting and doing NOTHING is a waste of time and non-productive. When it is actually the best thing we can do.  Isn’t it funny that the things that could help us the most we dismiss because it seems too easy? Many of us have these inner beliefs that things have to be difficult, cost a lot of money, or take a lot of time for them to be effective. Well, taking a few minutes to cover your eyes with a soothing eye pillow is easy. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and only takes a few minutes.

Eye Pillow
An eye pillow is just a little fabric pouch filled with flax seeds, rice or buckwheat that is applied over the forehead and on top of the eyes.

I will admit that sitting or lying still for 10-20 minutes thinking about nothing can be challenging. I remember years ago when I attended my first yoga class and the teacher had us get on the floor and lay down in “corpse pose” close our eyes, and just do nothing. My mind went crazy. It took me some time to be able to calm my inner chatter and relax.

But now, in my yoga practice when I start to wind down, my body and nervous system get so excited. It knows it gets to just check out and chill in Savasana for 10 minutes. I tell my students, that Savasana (final relaxation) is the most important part of the yoga practice, and sometimes the most challenging, but not to skip it. If you only have a few minutes, at the end of your practice, or even if you are not practicing yoga, take time to be still. Better yet, cover your eyes.

Eye Pillow

For those of you who sew, these eye pillows are a snap to make.  All you need is:

  • Small piece of muslin for the inner bag
Eye Pillow
  • Small piece of fabric (flannel, cotton, silk, or an upcycled cashmere sweater is nice) for the outer lining.  Having an outer covering like this makes it nice so you can wash it!
Eye Pillow
  • You can fill the pillow with rice, buckwheat, or flax seeds. I prefer flax seeds because they have the least smell to them.
Eye Pillow

I sell the pattern in my shop and my Etsy shop.  The eye pillow pattern is included in a wonderful therapy bag set. In the set, there are patterns and instructions to make hand warmers, neck & shoulder therapy bags, a foot warmer, and a large therapy bag.



Eye Pillow

An eye pillow is a no-brainer accessory for your yoga bag. 

Eye Pillow

So whether you are going to a yoga class, want to take a power nap, want some help relaxing or need some relief from a nagging headache, get out your eye pillow and chill.


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