5 DIY Christmas Craft & Gift Ideas

Yep, the holiday season is here and I’m feeling the intensity of all the hustle and bustle. ARE YOU? There is a big part of me that wants to just nestle in and make some kind of Christmas craft. Christmas would just not be the same without a DIY project of some kind.

I hope you’re carving out a little time to just chill and create something festive. It doesn’t have to be a major thing, sometimes it’s those simple little projects that are the most rewarding. If you want a little project or Christmas craft to whip up, here are a few fun ideas.

1- Orange Pomanders

I have been making orange pomanders for years and it just doesn’t seem like Christmas until we have made a few orange pomanders. I love the cheery orange and green color they add to the holiday decor, and the citrus clove aroma is amazing!

It is a fun, easy project to make with the kids.  This is a good time to sit, turn on some Christmas music, and enjoy each others company while you make something fun for the holidays.

You can find the complete tutorial HERE.

2- Christmas Stockings

It’s always fun to have a unique Christmas stocking, and one that is made from a variety of upcycled sweaters is the best! Of course, you can make these from woven cotton fabric as well. 

In this tutorial, I walk you through the process, which is quite easy and quick. You can find the tutorial and pattern link HERE.

Christmas gifts

3- sweater stars

These little stars are a unique little craft. They can be made from upcycled sweaters, which really give them a cozy texture or knit and woven fabric pieces can also be used.

You can embellish them with a cute button, jingle bell or felted wool ball.

These stars are cut hung on a doorknob, hung on the tree, or sitting on a cupboard. 

Get the full scoop and tutorial HERE.

4- felted wool mistletoe 

I love having greenery in my house in the winter and a cute little sprig of mistletoe with its contrasting white berries and a red ribbon hung above the door is a breath of fresh air to me, and a great way to get a few more of those heart felt kissaroos. Who couldn’t use a little more loven in your home? 

This is a fun and unique way to use a piece of felted wool. Regular felt pieces can also be used. 

The tutorial can be found HERE.

5-  Dish soap gift

If you’re looking for a NON-FOOD gift for your neighbors or friends, this dish soap idea is kinda fun. A plate of cookies or Christmas candy is a nice gift, but sometimes I like to give something that is not SWEETS and a little more practical. 

I love Mrs. Meyers holiday scent soaps. The pine and peppermint scents are so yummy. You can get the whole story and free PDF download HERE.

There you have it, 5 Christmas crafts to choose from. I hope you’ll take the time to slow down, gather your family and friends and enjoy some holiday crafting.

Seasons Greetings!


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Upcycled Sweater Mistletoe Tutorial

Upcycled sweater mistletoe

I love having greenery in my house in the winter and a cute little sprig of mistletoe with its contrasting white berries and a red ribbon hung above the door is a breath of fresh air to me, and a great way to get a few more of those heart felt kissaroos. Who couldn’t use a little more loven in your home? I am going to guide you through a quick and fun upcycled sweater mistletoe tutorial.

So how did this plant’s association with Christmas and kissing come to be? It is an interesting story, and I will let you read about it here if you are interested.

As you know, I have a thing for upcycled felted wool sweaters, and my favorite color of sweaters is GREEN. Whenever I go to the second hand store and find a sweater that is a good shade of green, I buy it and consider my day a success. Well, I have found another fun project to use my sweaters.

This is all you will need:

  • Green felted wool sweaters, or regular green felt can work too.
  • Floral wire (green)
  • Green floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Fake white floral berries, or you could use white felted wool balls, or anything that is white that would look like a berry.
  • Red ribbon
  • Sewing machine
  • PDF pattern  (download here)

Get out your sweater scraps and find all the green pieces.


Cut out 5-7 leaves using different shades of green sweaters.

Cut out different lengths of leaves.

To apply floral wire to the leaf: set the wire in the middle of the leaf and straight down the center.

Using green thread, set you machine setting to a small zigzag stitch, and short length stitch. Sew from the tip of the wire down to the end of the leaf.

This is what it will look like.

Make about 5-7 leaves.

Using the floral tape, begin to wrap at the bottom of the leaf, catching a little of the fabric. Continue to wrap about 1/2 inch.

Add another leaf and wrap around both wires.

Add a spring of berries and wrap.

Continue to add leaves and berries spacing the way you want them to be. Then wrap down the stem a little further.

Cut most of the wires, but leave two

Make a little loop with the two wires. This is what you will use to hang your sprig.

Twist the wire and cut off the excess.

Wrap the ends well with the floral tape.

There you have it. Bend and shape the leaves to your liking.

Add a red ribbon and you are set.

Look how cute it looks hung above the doorway.

So, get out your green wool scraps and whip up a few sprigs for your home, or share some kissing attracting love with your friends and family.

These upcycled sweater mistletoe sprigs do make a great gift and a gift wrapping embellishment.

Here is a fun neighborhood gift idea that I did one year. I bought a bunch of yummy smelling Mrs Meyers dish soaps. The pine and the peppermint really do smell wonderful.

You can download the FREE PDF HERE.

Have fun creating!


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