chalkboard and magnetic board cover

How To Make Your Own Chalkboard and Magnetic Board for Your Kitchen

Several years ago I added a chalkboard and magnetic board to one of my kitchen walls. Even though it has been several years since we made this, I thought you may be interested in how to go about making your own. Although my kitchen is rather small and I have very little wall space, I […]

Gluten-Free Rosemary Breadsticks

If you are opting out of grains, these gluten-free rosemary breadsticks are a yummy option! Even if you can eat wheat, these are a good change of pace. They are soft and chewy with a hint of rosemary (my favorite) and garlic. The tall skinny shape of these breadsticks makes them perfect for dipping in […]

A Good Day at the Thrift Store – Wool Sweaters

I have been driving around with a bin full of donation items to take to the thrift store for about a month now. Today while I was out and about I decided to drop them off. It felt great to let that stuff go, however I just couldn’t pass up a quick stroll through the […]

Winter Ready? 8 ways to keep you warm and healthy this season

Oh, baby it’s cold outside. Are you winter ready? If you are lucky enough to experience a winter season where you live, here are a few tips that will help you stay warm and healthy. STAY WARM 1- Keep your hands warm A good pair of mittens is a must! If you like to sew, […]

How to Clean And Freeze Raspberries

Who loves raspberries? I sure do! The berries in our garden are coming on strong right now. There have been so many that we can’t eat them all before it’s time to pick again. I have been sharing them with my neighbors and we have been eating them by the handfuls. It finally dawned on […]