Printable Cash Envelope Tabs

Do you know what the Cash Envelope System is? The envelope system is nothing new, it’s been around for decades. It is a method of keeping track of your money (managing your budget). These cash envelope tabs are the best! Dave Ramsey teaches this method in his training. I LOVE IT! With the envelope system […]

Diy cash envelope system

DIY Cash Envelope Wallet System: Get a Grip on Your Spending

Do you find yourself with not enough money? Are you over spending? Do you have a budget? It’s time to get a grip on your spending with the cash envelope wallet system! Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey? He is the guy who is crazy and passionate about getting out of debt. One of the main […]

The Perfect Cash Envelope Wallet

I found it again, the perfect cash envelope wallet! I am always on the look out for a “GOOD” wallet to use with my cash envelope tabs. I love this system and if you are interested in saving money and getting your finances under control, you will love it too. This is the key in […]

Declutter Your Wallet – Dave Ramsey Style

Is your wallet full of old receipts, unused gift cards and uncashed checks? Does it feel like you are packing around a mini suitcase in your purse? Perhaps it’s time to declutter your wallet! Whether it’s clutter on your dining room table, magazine rack or wallet, it is doing the same thing…….draining your energy. The […]

money friends

Money Friends – Rekindle Your Relationship With Money

What is your relationship like with money? Do you always have enough cash on hand? Would you like to have MORE MONEY? Do you just shove cash in your wallet? Do you hate it or love it? Several years ago I was  introduced to Kirk Duncan from 3 Key Elements and have done several trainings with him. […]