Simplified FACE MASK / No Elastic / Filter Pocket / Upcycled T-Shirt Ties

As you most likely have heard, face masks are in huge demand right now, as we experience this COVID-19 pandemic. There is a BIG movement going on with crafters making and donating homemade masks. Forbes even wrote an article calling all people who sew to help with the face mask shortage. However, before you go […]

t-shirt to tank top

T-Shirt to Tank Top | Binding Tips and Tricks

It’s summertime and wearing a cool tank top can be very inviting. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can easily take a t-shirt and make it into a tank top. This post is full of great tips and tricks for adding binding to the armholes and neckband. This is such […]

sew simple

Sew Simple | A Beginners Guide To Sewing Course Launch

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are and whoever you are with or having to be without. Such interesting times right now. Despite all the chaos in the world right now, we have to rally and find things to do that bring JOY! What brings you joy? If you’ve […]


AllCRAFTSDIY HOMEGARDENHEALTH AND WELLBEINGRECIPESSEWINGSHOP AND RECOMMENDATIONSVIDEO AND AUDIO LIBRARY Unpicking Serger Stitches the EASY WAY October 10, 2020 / Jan Howell Sewing on a serger/overlock machine is wonderful, but when it comes to unpicking serger stitches, you may find yourself overwhelmed and dreading the whole process.  I used to feel this Read More Basil Pesto–How […]

SEWING BY HAND | Most Important Stitches to Know

SEWING BY HAND | Most Important Stitches to Know   Knowing how to sew these 3 basic stitches will allow you to mend and create items that maybe you thought you couldn’t because you don’t have a sewing machine. Although there are several other hand sewing stitches and techniques, I am only going to show […]