26 Day Detox – Getting Rid Of The Clutter

Here I am on day 21 and into PHASE 4 of the 26 day detox. Still going strong and feeling pretty good even after the liver and gallbladder flush, which I will tell you about in more detail below. I just wanted to point out that doing this detox is not only clearing toxins from […]

The Perfect Cash Envelope Wallet

I found it again, the perfect cash envelope wallet! I am always on the look out for a “GOOD” wallet to use with my cash envelope tabs. I love this system and if you are interested in saving money and getting your finances under control, you will love it too. This is the key in […]

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How To Measure Hands For Mittens

This was one of the first patterns I designed using upcycled wool sweaters. I tweaked and adjusted this pattern until these mittens fit perfectly. Unlike some of the other mitten patterns I tried to make that were way too bulky for my liking. This pattern has been a great little pattern, simple, to the point […]

Upcycled Slipper Boots!

Upcycled Slipper Boots Here is another fun way to use up those sweaters you’ve been collecting or holding onto. These upcycled slipper boots are easy to make up and you will love weary them around.  I love the feel of wool and sweaters on my feet. My other pattern design is great, but this slipper […]