DIY Fabric Jingle Ball Cat and Baby Toy

This little fabric jingle ball cat and baby toy is the perfect size for little hands AND little paws.  Recycled sweaters, a few jingle bells and a little stuffing is all you need. However, if you want to make the CAT really happy, you can add a little catnip while stuffing. The cats go crazy. […]

DIY Sweater Upcycling – All You Need To Know

Making something out of a felted wool sweater is the BEST!  Most of you know that sweater upcycling is something I get excited about and love to do. Since my last post about it, I have made one of my upcyling sweater classes available through YouTube.  Although this class is a free class on Skillshare, […]

Creating an Efficient, Non-Toxic Laundry Room – Healthy Home Tour

Doing the laundry is inevitable, and something you get to do several times a week or even daily if you are lucky. Why not make the laundry room a space that is non-toxic and enjoyable to be in. Your non-toxic laundry room does not have to be a dungeon! A few years ago, we added […]

valentine gifts

Homemade Valentine Gifts From The Heart

Valentine’s day is one of my most favorite holidays! I enjoy it more than Christmas. One day I contemplated why that is so, and I came to a conclusion. All the other holidays seem to have so many expectations and stress around them. Then in February there isn’t much going on, you are doing all […]