Super Simple Instant Pot Yogurt | 3 Ingredients

Making Instant Pot yogurt is SUPER SIMPLE. It may seem intimidating and time-consuming, but is seriously very easy to make and the only thing that takes time is incubating (which is just waiting). This yummy and delicious recipe has only 3 ingredients and once you taste this yogurt, you’ll never want to buy store-bought yogurt […]

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Instant Pot BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Wondering what to fix for lunch or dinner? Here is a quick and easy recipe for a yummy BBQ chicken sandwich that you can make in the Instant Pot. You can also use canned chicken for an even quicker meal. If you are not familiar with or have not used a pressure cooker, do not […]

Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes-Avokado Steamer Basket

If you’re a fan of sweet potatoes, I’ve got a great cooking tip for you: cook them in the Instant Pot! In this post, I’ll show you the recommended pressure cooking settings and give you some tips on some of my favorite steamer baskets. I know some of you only eat sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving […]

8 Warming & Healthy Instant Pot Soup Recipes

We’re still in the thick of winter and there is nothing better than a warming & healthy bowl of SOUP! Here are eight of our family’s favorite Instant Pot soup recipes. My favorite way to make up a batch of soup is with Instant Pot. I love this appliance. (As you all know). Seriously we […]

Instant pot chicken Philly

Instant Pot Chicken Philly: A Tender Delicious Sandwich

When it comes to a Chicken Philly Sandwich, this is the best I’ve ever tasted! What’s even better is that it was a snap to make in the Instant Pot! This is very similar to the Philly Steak recipe that I posted a while back. So if you prefer chicken over beef, this is a […]