10 DIY Gift Ideas That You’re Going To Enjoy Making


Christmas is just around the corner. Are you looking for some fun gift ideas that you can make?

There’s no better time to show your loved ones you care than with a special, handmade gift this holiday season.

DIY gifts don’t have to be complicated or time consuming.

Here are 10 easy and affordable DIY Christmas gift ideas that will be sure to make your loved ones smile.

Most, if not all, of these projects are doable for even a beginner seamstress and a lot of them have a video tutorial available for those who are visual learners.

10 Gift Ideas

gift iedeas diy ZIPPER POUCH

1- Zipper Pouches

Putting in a zipper can seem overwhelming and intimidating, but once you sew a zipper using the techniques in this video, you’ll realize how fun it really is and want to make more!

These zipper pouches can be made any size and are great for holding cosmetics, pencils and pens, and whatever you have that need a little pouch for.

Watch the video tutorial HERE. 


Get the pattern HERE. 


2- Cuffed Pillow Case

Making a pillowcase is a fun and simple beginner sewing project, and in this tutorial, I will show you how to add a contrasting cuff using the burrito method.

It only requires a yard of fabric and about 15 minutes to make.

I’ll show you how to make them using a sewing machine, and a serger, and how to sew a French seam if you choose.

You can also add a small strip of trim if you want and I’ll show you how easy it is to do that.

A cozy pillowcase is the perfect gift for your grand kids.

Video and Pattern links are in this blog post.

gift ideas diy utility apron

3- Utility Apron

These DIY Utility Aprons are not only cute to wear, but they are also so FUNCTIONAL!

In this sewing tutorial, I go over step-by-step instructions on how to make your own apron. These aprons are great to hold all kinds of items while going about your day in the home, garden, and office.

The multiple pockets are nice to hold pencil, pens, scissors, cell phones, garden gadgets, and whatever else you need to keep on hand.

I LOVE THIS APRON and wear one almost every day!

This is a fun sewing project and these aprons make great GIFTS!!!!

Get the free pillowcase sizing chart and video link HERE: 

4- Microwave Potato Bag

You know those times when you want to cook a baked potato, but you don’t have an hour or an hour and a half to spare?

No worries. I’ve got you covered.

In this DIY sewing tutorial, I show you how you can make a microwave baked potato bag. This is a super easy sewing project and these bags make the perfect baked potatoes. You can have a few baked potatoes cooked up in minutes.

We use ours ALL THE TIME!

Get all the details HERE: 



gift iideas gift card holder

5- Gift Card Holder

I you want to give a gift card as a gift, why not make a unique, homemade gift card holder to put it in?

They only take 10 minutes to make and it’s a project in that you can use up some of your fabric scraps.

Get all the details HERE:

6- Fingerless Gloves

These fleece fingerless gloves are the perfect thing when you want to keep your hands warm, but don’t want the bulk of a full-coverage mitten or glove.

Learn how easy it is to sew a pair in 10 minutes or less.

This sewing project only takes a minimal amount of fleece fabric, and can also be made from upcycled fleece clothing.

diy fleece neck warmerAdd a fleece neck warmer and you have a great Christmas gift.

Watch the video tutorial HERE.


Get the Pattern HERE

8- Pixie & Pilot Caps

Just in time for the cooler weather coming on, these cozy pixie & pilot caps are the perfect thing to keep your little ones ears nice and toasty!

These whimsical, but most importantly functional pixie and pilot caps were designed to fit snug around the face and tie comfortably under the chin.


gift ideas DIY DOG SWEATER

9- Dog Sweater

We can’t forget the dogs! Keep your pooch warm with style in an upcycled dog sweater.

My border collie actually likes wearing a sweater, even though with all that fluff, he really doesn’t need it.

However, there are some breeds of dogs that could use that extra layer in the cold winter months.

So if you have an old sweater kicking around, this is an easy sewing project that you can make in no time at all.

Even a beginner seamstress can make this.

I give instructions on how to make this with a regular sewing machine and a serger.


10- Foot Warmers

The weather is getting a little chilly.

Here is a fun little sewing project and gift idea for those wanting to keep their little tootsies warm.

My husband and I have been using these for years. I guess we have become wimps in our old age, because now we can’t go to bed without a heated corn bag in our bed.

We’ll heat one or two up and throw them under the covers a few minutes before we go to bed, then when we jump in, ohhhhhh nice and toasty.

These little bags are great for placing anywhere on your body that needs some soothing.

You can also place the bags in the freezer to use as a cold pack.


Of course, there are a lot of other Christmas gift ideas on my site and YouTube channel, but hopefully this will get you excited and inspire you to take some time now before the holiday crazies set in to make some fun, unique gifts.

Have fun sewing!





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