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sewing over bulky seams

Do you find it challenging to sew over bulky seams?  Your machine’s struggling, you’re getting skipped  stitches and it is just downright frustrating. Well, not anymore.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you some great tips where you can  sew over a bulky seams and still get a beautiful, professional-looking stitch.

bu;ly seams

 Whenever you are sewing with denim, canvas, fleece, or sewing with a bunch of layers, going over the bulky seams can be a little tricky. There are some things you can do and use to make this a lot easier.

bulky seams and skipped stitches

What causes you to have skipped stitches?

Let’s go over what causes you to get skipped stitches.

The presser foot on your machine is meant to pivot up and down.

When the presser foot goes over the bulky seams,  the front of the pressure foot will angle up, and then the feed dogs aren’t able to push the fabric through.

sewing over bulky seams

The results, long skipped stitches, which not only look bad, but the seam will not be secure in that area.

If you make the presser foot level somehow, then it will feed the fabric through and you’re good to go.

All that you need to do is get that presser foot level by putting something underneath the back of the presser foot while you’re sewing.

There are several little gadgets that you can use to make the presser foot level and make sewing over bulky seams a snap.

Bulky Seams Gadget #1 Hump Jumper

When you buy a sewing machine, most likely it will come with this little device called a “hump jumper”.

If you don’t have one, you can easily buy one here, or make your own.


How to use a hump jumper on bulky seams

Let me explain how to use it. Sew up to the seam and when the presser foot starts to tilt up, stop sewing, leave the needle in the down position, lift up the presser foot and slide the hump jumper under the foot as shown above.

Then continue to sew over the bulky seams and the hump jumper will just fall off.

hump jumper bulky seams

The little hole on the hump jumper is used to help steady the needle when you are putting a new needle in the machine.

Just place the needle in the hole (make sure it is facing the correct way) and shove the top of the needle in place.

In the video tutorial, I demonstrate all of these methods, so be sure to watch it at the end of the post.


Bulky Seams Gadget #2 Leveling Foot

Some machines come with a presser foot that has a little black button on the side.

My machine has one and it is a Babylock Verve. (J foot)


How to use a LEVELING FOOT

Here is how to use that foot. Sew up to the seam and when the presser foot starts to tilt up, stop sewing, leave the needle in the down position, lift up the presser foot and push the little black button on the side of the foot.

When you bring the foot down, it will lock in place.


Continue to sew and when you go off the bulky seam, the button will pop back out. That’s it.

diy hump jumper bulky seams

Bulky Seams Gadget #3 DIY Hump Jumper

If you don’t have either of these items, you can simply make your own.

All you need is a cracker or cereal box (As some of you know, I love to recycle.

  • Cut a piece of the box about 6 x 3 inches.
  • Fold the long part over about 2 inches and repeat folding until you have a folded bundle.
  • Unfold it to the height of your fabric and simply slide it under the back of the presser foot against the edge of the bulky seam.


paper hump jumper bulky seams

This will lift and level the presser foot so you can continue to sew. Once over the seam it will just fall out.

Bulky Seam Gadget #4 Emery Board

You can get creative here and use a lot of items to prop up that presser foot.

One thing I found that works well and doesn’t cost you anything, if you have one on hand, is a simple EMERY BOARD.

Who would have thought?

I love using these little gadgets when I’m hemming a pair of jeans.

There you have it. I hope you find these tips helpful and that you’ll get out your sewing machines and make something fun!

Have fun sewing!





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