8 Warming & Healthy Instant Pot Soup Recipes

We’re still in the thick of winter and there is nothing better than a warming & healthy bowl of SOUP! Here are eight of our family’s favorite Instant Pot soup recipes.

My favorite way to make up a batch of soup is with Instant Pot. I love this appliance. (As you all know). Seriously we use this pot almost every day for something. I’ve taken most my soup recipes and converted them with Instant Pot instructions. It makes it so much easier! No babysitting while cooking. It’s just throw everything in and go do something else for 30 minutes. 

our favorite instant pot soup recipes

1-Hamburger soup


This is a simple, hearty soup my mother used to make. It’s not spicy, but naturally flavorful. Just a good meat and potato flavor that soothes the soul. I need to mention that it is so easy to make. Something you can whip up even if you don’t have a lot of time.




2-chicken “zoodle” soup

This is a version of “chicken noodle soup” but I’ve used spiralized zucchini instead of noodles. However, you can use real flour noodles or egg noodles if you want. This is a good basic chicken broth and veggie soup. 

That brings us to the next thing, bone broth.



3-Bone Broth

This golden liquid, known as bone broth, is not only yummy but has all these healing properties: Boosts the immune system

  • Can heal a leaky gut
  • Repair damaged joints
  • Create glowing skin
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Builds lean muscle

So why not use it in all your chicken stalk soup based recipes.

4-Creamy Wild rice & mushroom soup

Oh this soup is good! Creamy, flavorful and chuck full of goodness. This is a soup that you can either add chicken or not, and it will still taste wonderful. 

It makes a nice soup for a luncheon, served with a salad.




5-Three bean chili

3 bean chili - Instant pot


This chili recipe is the best I’ve ever tasted. Once again, not too spicy and just simple goodness. If you do like it spicy, like my husband, you can just add more chili powder to your bowl. This chili is good with or without meat. I usually make up two pots, one with meat and one without. 

This is a good one to freeze for later. Well, they all are!


6-Zucchini basil



Not the most visual appealing soup, but it DOES taste yummy!

A nice soup to make in the summer months when you have a lot of zucchini and basil in the garden. It’s still a good one in the winter too.



7-Olive Garden Minestrone Soup


For those of you who love the Olive Garden minestrone soup, this taste just like it. Another veggie bean soup that is wonderful and again, easy to make.




instant pot soup recipes


Kitcheree is a traditional Indian food made from split mung beans and basmati rice. It is indeed a wonder food! It’s easy to digest, and cleansing to the digestive system.

The combination of the rice and beans make it a complete protein, so it can be a great protein source if you are vegetarian. When prepared with all the fixings, this meal encompasses all the six tastes, which in Ayurveda is part of eating a balanced diet, as each taste feeds our body, mind, senses and spirit and satisfies each of the dietary building blocks



So there you have it, eight different Instant Pot soup recipes that you can try. 

You know what goes really well with a bowl of soup? Corn bread and biscuits go hand in hand with our soup meals and my husband is usually the one that steps in to make them.  


Here is the recipe for a good basic corn bread, and my mother-in-laws biscuits. Yummy, yum!



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