2018 Food Revolution – Learn How To Eat Healthy

Just a quick shout out for the 2018 Food Revolution. I can’t believe it has been a year already. This summit is always chuck full of great information about food, health and well being.

In case you don’t know: The Food Revolution Summit is a 9-day, online event hosted by father-and-son team John and Ocean Robbins and put on by the Food Revolution Network, an online education and advocacy organization working for “healthy, ethical, sustainable food for all.”

Each day of the Summit, you’ll get to hear 3 (approximately 45-minute interviews) broadcast at 11 am, 12 am, and 1 pm Eastern time.

Did I mention that it is totally FREE. It is. You can upgrade and purchase the recordings if you choose. I just love going through the schedule and finding topics that interest me. There are some great topics to choose from.

When you join, you’ll discover up-to-date research, tips, and tools from 24 of the top food and health experts in the world. It really is good information to know about.

Just remember when listening, that what is good for some is not good for everyone. I have come to learn that it is so important to listen to your body. We all have different needs and at different times. Don’t get all freaked out that your not eating a certain way, or think that you have to. Balance is the key, and once again intuitive eating is so important.

I don’t get any kick backs for telling you about this, but I do want you to know about it. Listen to some or all of it.

Some of my favorite speakers are:

  • Kris Carr – Learning to Love Your Precious Life (I LOVE this girl)!!!!!
  • Mark Hyman, MD – Using Food to Nourish Healthy Communities
  • Joel Fuhrman, MD –  Nutritional Excellence For Optimal Health
  • Daniel Amen, MD – Foods Your Brain Will Love
  • Chris Wark – How I Beat Cancer (& You Can, Too!)

Good stuff!!

Get more information and SIGN UP HERE.


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