Carrot Love – How To Make Carrot Hearts

My favorite holiday is just around the corner, VALENTINE’S DAY and one of my favorite colors is ORANGE. So what do you get when you put them together………..CARROT HEARTS! Making carrot hearts is really a lot easier than you think. I will show you how simple it is.

Throw these bright colored gems in:

  • salads

Instant Pot Wild Rice Soup 

  • soups
  • or just eat as snacks
  • Surprise the kids by throwing a handful of carrot hearts in their lunch box

WARNING…..This is not an activity for the little ones! (Give them a piece of pink paper and child scissors and let them make paper hearts).

In the next few posts I am going to show you some other fun ways to embellish your food with love (HEARTS).

How to make carrot hearts

You will need a few good size carrots, chopping knife, paring knife, and vegetable peeler.

It pays to use a GOOD peeler. Notice in the picture above how there is a difference in the size of the slit. The bigger the peeler slit, the deeper the gouge will be. You want the peeler to make a significant peel. If not, it takes a lot longer.

When I first started making these, I used a knife. It worked but I realized it wasn’t the safest route to take. This is a good vegetable peeler .


cut the end of the carrot off

Using the vegetable peeler, peel one side of the carrot off

peel the other side of the carrot off at an angle as shown above. It should form a V shape

Using the paring knife, cut a notch out at the top to form the indent of the heart

Then carefully cut a groove down the top center of carrot.

Take your time!

3-Using the paring knife, cut a notch out at the top to form the indentation of the heart

Then carefully cut a groove down the top center of the carrot.

Take your time!

Now take the peeler and soften the top and side edges to form a soft curve.

Take the chopper knife and cut into 1/4 inch pieces.

Ta dah!

Enjoy these crunchy, healthy and beautiful gems.

Stay tuned for more heart loven food ideas!




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