2018 Clipboard Calendar – 25 Years

2018 clipboard calendar youmakeitsimple.comIt’s getting closer to the end of the year, and you know what that means don’t you? Time to get a new calendar! I have listed my 2018 clipboard calendars and they are ready to roll. My CLIPBOARD CALENDAR has been the most popular out of my calendar selection. This will be the 25th year that I have designed it. Wow how time flies!

How it all started

In college I used a similar calendar. It worked well for me because it had a lot of space to write in. I faithfully wrote in my journal and kept notes on my calendar. This type of calendar was perfect for writing down my thoughts and experiences. (I still have these calendars to this day and I just looked through them the other day. (Oh the drama of dating and college life, so glad that is over).

Anyway, several years later I wanted a calendar like that but I couldn’t find one anywhere, so I started designing my own. I would print one out for myself every year, and I got thinking. Perhaps there is someone else out there who may want the same thing. So I started embellishing them with a little of my artwork, and printed them out on cute craft recycled paper.

Back in the day I would draw the artwork, cut it out, paste it on, and then go make copies. Then I would have them bound and would sell them at craft boutiques and would give them away as Christmas gifts. It was a lot more work than it is now. I love modern technology, and I still love this SIMPLE, clean, lots of space to write in calendar.

Digital calendars vs. hard copy?

I know a lot of you out there prefer a digital form of calendaring and planning, but I still like the old school hard copy paper calendar. There is just something about being able to write, erase, doodle, and be able to hold it in my hands. I am not one who likes to read  eBooks either. So if you prefer a hard copy calendar, you may enjoy these.

What is there to love about these calendars?

  • They are easy to download and print
  • clipboard calendarThe calendar fits nicely on a clipboard, which makes it very accessible and easy to write on.

fridge calendar youmakeitsimple.com

  • They make great FAMILY  calendars. 

menu calendar youmakeitsimple.com

  • Use a magnetic clip and display it on your fridge. This way the whole family can see what is going on.


  • 1It is a great way to do your meal planning and display it in the kitchen.
  • There is a lot of room to write in.


  • IMG_3421The clean lines are complimented by simple print which looks nice and crisp on any paper. Some love the simpleness of black and others like to add little splash of color. The PDF comes with the colored text version and the black and white.

They make great Christmas gifts! 

You can purchase and download the clip calendar here.

I do have a planner size version of these calendars, and a BIG BINDER version available.

One of my favorites is the watercolor clip calendar from the SIMPLE THINGS series. I am just finishing up the artwork now and they should be ready to roll next week.

Here is a sneak peak of some the artwork.

As you prepare for the upcoming 2018 year, I hope you find a calendar that brings you joy every month of the year.


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