Instant Pot – Quick and Simple Corn On the Cob

Instant Pot Corn On The Cob youmakeitsimple.comIt’s that time of year to start enjoying produce from the garden. Although I don’t grow corn in my own garden, I like to find a local farmers market or fruit stand and buy a few ears of corn here and there. It’s my husbands favorite treat. There really isn’t anything like the taste of a well buttered and salted  ear of corn on the cob.

Once again, the Instant Pot comes to the rescue. I love this thing, as you already know. Using the Instant Pot to perfectly steam the corn, totally cuts back on time. Who likes to wait, for what seems like hours, for the BIG pot of water to come to a boil before you can even put the corn in? I certainly don’t. You can have perfectly cooked corn on the cob ready in just SEVEN minutes! The best part, NO BABYSITTING! There is no need to hang around waiting for he water to boil or worry about overcooking.

Before I show you how easy it is to cook, I am going to share with you a few tips on how to pick out some good ears of corn.

picking out corn on the cobI grew up watching my parents, and others check the corn by pulling the husk back a little to take a peek.  Do you do that? Well, from what I just learned, it’s NOT necessary. If you do that, you may get dirty stares at the market — and the corn that looked gorgeous, milky and bright when you peeled it, will get shriveled and starchy quicker. Interesting? I am going to give you some tips on how to find the perfect corn without even peeking on the inside.

  • Look for teensy brown holes in the husk, especially towards the top. Those are wormholes, and you will want to avoid worms!
  • Feel the kernels through the husk. You want to make sure that they’re plump and plentiful; if you can feel holes where kernels should be, then choose another.
  • Look for healthy tassels. The tassels should be brown and sticky to the touch. If they’re dry or black, then it’s an old ear of corn.
  • Check out the color of the husk. If it’s a bright green and tightly wrapped against the cob, then the corn is fresh. (In some cases, it will even feel slightly damp.)

Now let’s show you how easy it is to cook up using the Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Corn On The Cob Youmakeitsimple.comThis is all you do

1-   Remove the husk and silk from corn

2-  Add 1 cup of water to the inner pot

3-  Place the metal trivet inside the pot

4-  Stack 4-5 ears of corn on top of the trivet

5-  Place the lid onto the pot and close the valve for pressure cooking

6-  Choose “manual” at high pressure

7-  Set time for 2 minutes

8-  Use “Quick Release” method when timer goes off

9-  Carefully remove lid and enjoy!

Dress your ear of corn as you like.  I enjoy a little butter, or ghee – garlic salt, and pepper.

What do you like to put on your corn on the cob? Would love some new ideas.

Enjoy the summer harvest!


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