A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Accident

March 6, 2017 was the beginning of a series of unfortunate events in my life. The universe had a few things to teach me, and it was by accident. (Pun intended). It was a usual weekday morning. The to-do list was made and I was moving through it with laser like focus. I was ready to GET THINGS DONE!  (Some days are like this and some are not so much). I had completed a short morning meditation and was all ready for a productive day. Rushing around the house, going up and down the stairs, I was trying to get an Etsy order together and ready to ship. (Etsy is an online buyer and seller community that sells hand-crafted or vintage goods). I have two online shops that I manage.

the accident

I had put on a pair of comfy clogs because I knew I would be standing on my feet for a while. Dang those clogs! At the top of the stairs I rolled my ankle and DOWN I went. I think I must have landed on my foot and then slid down the stairs out of control. It happened so fast. Luckily I had my phone in my hand. Although it went flying through the air, I was able to crawl to my phone and in a panic, sent a text to my husband. I knew I needed to act fast in case of internal bleeding (due to low platelets), I managed to get a fragmented text to Todd which read “emergency, I think I just broke my leg……come home”.  We were very fortunate that Todd was not traveling, as he does frequently for his job.

Todd called me immediately and headed home. We decided that an ambulance was not necessary and he kept chatting with me as he drove. I could tell I was going into shock because I started shivering and was very cold. I grabbed some pillows from the couch, propped up my head and rested my foot on the wall. My ankle did not look good. My foot was flopping from side to side in a gruesome sort of way. I tried to stabilize it as much as I could.

Todd got home and rushed down the stairs. We assessed things and decided we needed to splint it before taking me to the emergency room.  Waiting in the ER is NOT a fun experience. I was doing all I knew how to do to reduce pain and how to stay calm: tapping (EFT), deep breathing and sniffing some essential oils.

broken ankle

This is what it looked like.

I broke what?

After the x-rays were taken, the doctor came in and said that my ankle was broken in two places and that it would require surgery. My mind was reeling because I knew low platelets and surgery don’t mix. I was devastated! The doctor could not do surgery until the swelling went down so they splinted my leg and sent me on my way. I went home in a lovely pair of paper pants because I couldn’t fit my pants over the splint.

Todd got me home and situated and then went to get the pain meds from the pharmacy, just in case I needed them, (ha ha). I soon learned that pain meds do have their place and were a good thing to help me heal and stay sane, especially to help me get through the nights.

Walking around on crutches had just become my new mode of transportation for the next EIGHT weeks. I had to elevate my foot as much as possible so I spent a lot of time in bed. My husband got me all situated with everything I needed right by my side. He got a piece of plywood and laid it on the bed next to me. I had my water, phone, laptop, books, snacks and meds all handy beside me.

family gathering on my bed

Isn’t this just a lovely picture. Here we are spending quality time together. Ha, ha. Everyone but Sam had their phone out.  Just thought this is so typical of how sometimes we are so caught up in our devices and not really present with each other. This isn’t how the whole night went, but Todd did capture a good iPhone moment.

Now what do i do?

You think that one would just enjoy some time to sit and watch some TV, reading or a little crochet, RIGHT? Well, I felt so yucky from pain meds and in so much pain, that none of those things were appealing at all.

fracture blisters

A few days later I started getting these blood blister things on the side of my ankle. I was a little freaked out. What the heck? We googled and found out what it probably was, but I was a little nervous to think what could be happening. I saw the doctor the next day and he knew exactly what it was, fracture blisters. I guess they are common with ankle breaks. We had to unwrap the splint daily and apply stuff to keep it from getting infected.

I had to cancel client appointments, yoga classes, and pretty much everything. Living life one hour at a time was how I learned to roll. Yes, my life did slow down and I knew right away that I had some pretty important things to learn, and I was ready face it. I knew I would have to adapt the way I did things, but hey, that was my specialty. Teaching Adaptive Yoga was something I did, I help people do things despite physical challenges. I was feeling a sense of calmness and I felt that over the years I had gained some tools to help with adversity, but I had no idea of what was ahead.

Stay tuned for the rest of series.

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