2017- EFT Leave What’s Heavy Behind – Nick Ortner

eftHappy New Year friends!  I wanted to end the year off with a post sharing a beautiful song that was brought to my attention by one of my favorite mentors, Nick Ortner. He is the TAPPING guy whom I have mentioned several times before. This song Leave What’s Heavy Behind really resonated with me and filled me with love and a sense of acceptance for what IS. The music and the lyrics are beautiful. Enjoy!

Here is the link to Nick’s post where he shares the lyrics and some insightful notes between verses.

We all have trials, challenges and heavy stuff going on in our world. We don’t have to pack it around and carry it into the new year. This is a great time of the year to let go of some crap that is keeping you stuck, sick and miserable. There IS a way to let it go, and move on. Holding onto regret, resentment or other negative emotions does not serve us. Nick Ortner does a fabulous job at explaining how to do this using EFT. I love EFT (emotional freedom technique) and use it all the time myself and with my clients. His website, The Tapping Solution, is loaded with great information about EFT.

If you go to Nick’s website you can sign up to get the first two chapters of his book FREE.

I hope you will take advantage of this resourc and free yourself up for more happiness, health and prosperity!


Are you ready for one of the best years ever?

2017…….. here we come!





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