Farewell My Garden – End Of Harvest Goodbyes


Farewell my garden, you served me well! I guess it is almost time to give the garden its end of harvest goodbyes. The past few nights here in Northern Utah have been a little nippy. There was even frost on part of the grass the other morning.

I went out to the garden this morning and picked probably one of the last pickings of our raspberries. Although we have enjoyed having them to put in our cereal,  yogurt and just to nibble on, we were always just a little shy of having enough to make a pie. My husband would have loved that.


One of the first things to freeze, will be the basil. I hate to see it go. I usually bring at least one plant in and put it in my kitchen window. Although we don’t have enough to make pesto with during the winter, it is still nice to throw a few leaves on a pizza or in a salad.


The peaches were great. We ate as much as we could. I froze a bunch for our smoothies, canned only once batch (seven jars) yep that’s it! Not like other years where I spent all day peeling and waiting for them to process. It just isn’t worth it to me anymore, and the nutritional value really isn’t there, so why bother. They do make up a good batch of peach cobbler though.


The biggies thing we will miss from the garden, is the tomatoes! There is nothing like the smell, the taste and the texture of a garden grown tomato.

If you still have things growing in your garden, or if you live somewhere that the season is sill allowing you to grow things, ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN. I do enjoy being in the garden, being able to grow things yourself, and knowing what you are eating and where it came from.

Even though I do dread winter coming, it is inevitable, and I am grateful for the change of seasons we have here in Utah.

If you can, get out in the garden and enjoy the fall season.


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